Curls VS hammer curls

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by atlmo, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. atlmo

    atlmo Junior Member

    Guys can someone tell me what the differnece is if I do seated curls where my elbow rests on my inner thigh VS doing standing hammer curls. I have done both and am wondering what the difference is in results.
  2. borrachopower

    borrachopower Junior Member


    moving the DB to the supinated(palms up) position works both heads of the bicep muscle.

    doing hammercurls works the brachialis and brachioradialis muscles more.
  3. Chip Bronson

    Chip Bronson Junior Member

    the hammer curls still kill my forearm, even if i'm using 8lb bells. the dumbbell concentration curls that you mention, altmo, do not. this leads me to believe that hammers hit the forearm extensors, in addition to the brachialis, a lot harder than the curls. i love the hammer curls at the end of a workout because it really plumps the arm up. can't wait to be able to incorporate them into my workouts.
  4. atlmo

    atlmo Junior Member

    I on the other hand really like the hammer curls, I can do much more weight. I think however that I may have been doing them incorrectly. I took a look at the animation at I have been doing them for years where my arm is held close to the body and I basically bring the dumbell up and down from my groin to my upper chest, basically i hjave been moving it across my body. According to the illustration this is incorrect.

    Now in reference to the pain, in your forearms I have done some reading about the forearm pain, I used to get it to. But basicallyy I read that the pain comes from not having your arms far enough out from your body. this is often manifested with a barbell or ez curl. People try to keep there arms at shoulder length and you really need to keep them slightly wider than shoulder length. They say that you normally dont see this using dumbells because of the free range of motion, your arms naturally go to the proper width from your body. HOpe this helps.

  5. Chip Bronson

    Chip Bronson Junior Member

    thanks mo. you are correct about not keeping the arms so close to the body. it is painful and you can't lift as much weight. my pain is due to some problems i'm still having as a result of an accident i was in last august, though. but, still, hammers are great. they pump up the whole arm and you can use considerably more weight than with regular curls. can't wait to use 'em again.
  6. tomrob

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    Hammer Curls and Concentration Curls work different areas of the arms, like people have already said, Hammer Curls arm more of a Forearm workout, whereas Concentration Curls put all the emphasis on your Biceps.

    If you want to try something else, incline dumbell curls are good for isolationg the bicep
  7. atlmo

    atlmo Junior Member

    Hey arent you the DBOL only guy?

    I'm just kidding my friend thanks for the suggestion I will check them out. I was doing 100 pound hammers at one point and now I am at 70 pound concentration curls. The change in weight was a bit of an ego buster. But it turns out I was doing it incorrectly any how.

    Thanks againi and dont let the guys scare you off.:)

  8. Bob Smith

    Bob Smith Member

    Both are basically isolation movements, so why bother with them at all?
  9. atlmo

    atlmo Junior Member

    Well I have to do something for my biceps, if not one of those then what?

  10. Bob Smith

    Bob Smith Member

    Straightbar curls. Close grip, supinated chin-ups. Rope pulls (Strongman style - pulling a truck or something).
  11. borrachopower

    borrachopower Junior Member


    thank you Bob...finally someone that uses the exercises i do...
    all these damned years of training and i just started doing the reverse grip chin ups--i've had great results in a short time. im 240lbs---i have a belt that i load with another 80lbs. 4 sets of straight bar curls one day....another day, 4 sets of the chin ups---it's all i do.

    everyone should try the chin ups.
  12. atlmo

    atlmo Junior Member

    Well in that case I'll give the straight bar or ez curl bar another chance, I used to do it all the time but then my forearms started hurting, but since I have learned that it was likely due to too close of a grip.

  13. BigLibby

    BigLibby Junior Member

    same with me
  14. full power

    full power Junior Member

    i do hammer curls and barbell curls in my bicep workout. lift heavy and 2 days later your arms are massive *BAM*