Current Diagnostic Criteria for Testosterone Deficiency Are Inadequate

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    Current Diagnostic Criteria for testosterone Deficiency Are Inadequate

    Current methods for diagnosing testosterone deficiency are inadequate. It is time to rethink how we determine who is a candidate for treatment, with a goal of helping our patients. Free testosterone appears more accurate than total testosterone.

    It is important to recognize that there is no clear threshold for total T that reliably separates men who have the condition from men who do not, or that predicts who will or will not respond to treatment. The consequence of this grey zone within andrology is that we deprive some men of treatment who may benefit while exposing other men to unnecessary risks of treatment. Moreover, we confuse clinicians and frustrate patients when there is lack of clarity on such a fundamental issue.

    Morgentaler A. Current Diagnostic Criteria for Testosterone Deficiency Are Inadequate. European Urology Focus 2018.
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