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    Hey guys I’m doing a 12 week prep for a little location show before I take it into the bigger stage. It’s just a local few gyms getting together and doing it to raise money ect.

    But yes I’m doing it with my coach (who i won’t name yet) and so far iv dropped a considerable amount of bf and weight. I’ll be posting pics before and after.

    Current cycle is 150 test P eod
    tren e 100mg 2x a week
    Eq 200mg 2x a week
    clen 60mcg
    t3 50mcg

    With a high protein medium fat and low carb diet and doing 30 min cardio Am and Pw my body’s changed a lot.

    I’m not too sure where this post is going but just ask me questions and all that good shit and I’ll post some before and after pics when I’m done.

    Cycle will change in a week or 2 as I’ll be 6 weeks out in 2 weeks and cut out all cheat meals (1x a week normally) and I’m guessing cardio will be bumped up and food dropped lower.
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    Is that you in your profile pic?

    Looking great!
    Bro, like a cross between Arnold and Zane.
    Watching this thread, good luck!
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    Haha unfortunately that’s not me!! That’s Chris bumstead
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    Hi FutureMrO. The clen has a tendency to work about 3 weeks for fat loss. It might be ideal to use it 2 weeks on and two weeks off.
    Another way to use it is to take ketotifen with it,, at about 3mg a day. Ketotifen up regulates the receptors so that clen can be used longer. If your taking clen with ketotifen;; then the ideal length of time to stay on is 6 weeks max because it can have a negative effect on the heart. Your t3 dosage is good and you can stay on T3 throughout the whole 12 weeks.
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    Nice little stack bud! My questions are why run a long ester tren with the short test? And why so low on the EQ? I usually don’t get much off of it unless I run it high (600-800mg/wk).
    Good luck on the show! Be looking to see how ya do!
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    Lol, is that your goal physique? Gonna be a good grind for you and at least you doing it for fun now and as you progress up the food chain the work gets harder to get the physique that wins the show. Good luck on your journey!
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    Thanks for the support everyone! And yeah definitely my goal is to look more like Chris haha!.

    And I’m not sure as why I’m running the tren e with the test Prop that’s all in the hands of my coach. But it’s been working.
    I’ll be switching my cycle up in a week so I’ll let you guys know what I’ll be stacking and what I’ll be pulling out ect.
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