Cut my losses and move on...

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  1. Bridger

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    I recently received an order of tadalafil from a well known domestic RC company (first time i used them) and so far my testing points to the product being very, very underdosed or more likely bunk. None of the expected effects have occurred at the standard dosages or at double the dosages. I've only opened one of the three bottles so far. Of course i'll check those too but i'm not holding my breath they'll produce any effects either. I've never dealt with bad product from an RC company before so I don't know if its even worth contacting them for a refund or a reship? Any suggestions welcome
  2. murray312

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    Id say something just cuz im so fucking sick of being burned.
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  3. T-Bagger

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    I’d contact them but more than likely you’re going to just move on without any compensation.
  4. TideGear

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    Depends on the company. I got some bunk clen from American research labs and they gave me a credit. Contact them before you take a loss.
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  5. bambam333

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    Fuck that that shit back and move on. If I took a double dose of cialis what I usually take I would be a wreck. If you had to ask this question you already know the answer it’s garbage
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  6. rubisean

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    Out them, if they sell bunk let it be known.
    Save someone else the trouble.
  7. Tiredandhot

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    Avoid research chemical sites if possible. I've used two and got good t3 but many sell bunk products.
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  8. Silentlemon1011

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    I will take 50mg Cialis on a weekend (yeah, I know I'm an animal.. poor wife)

    If I took 100mg, I'd have a fucking heart attack.
    you are 100% right.

    Agreed, let the community know about scammers.

    Good piece of advice.
    Some of these sites will scam the fuck out of you.
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  9. T-Bagger

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    I would never trust my thyroid to anything other than pharma.
  10. Tiredandhot

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    Understood, but the company I used had great reviews and was like 4 times as cheap as pharma. Had bloodwork and it is working great, however wish I never would have used it. Got to stop real soon and dreading the rebound. After I quit, never using t3 again. Caused massive food cravings.
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  11. rpbb

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    Who's the company
  12. rubisean

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    I will tell you who I used and they sucked...
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  13. T-Bagger

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    Madison James is garbage. Either their site got hacked or they have thieves working for them. I used a prepaid debit card with them and next thing I knew, all kinds of purchases to different websites started popping up. Lost about $220 from that site.
  14. Savagesteve

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    Plenty of pharma options in the underground section.
  15. saywutrly

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    An easy tell for tadalifil is to look at the product. If the raw doesn't settle into a big pile at the bottom that you have to shake back into a suspension mixture each time you take it, its probably bunk.

    I've never seen anyone (especially peptide/RC sites where my cheap ass gets as many of my ancillaries as possible) be able to get it to hold it in a true solution that doesn't separate after a short time of sitting still.
  16. murray312

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    Recon is the only one I've found that gets it mixed without falling out.
  17. saywutrly

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    From what I've seen, they don't have the greatest reputation. Perhaps there's so little in there it doesn't crash out.
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  18. Whoremoans

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    I’m surprised by this, I’ve used Madison James quite a bit and their stuff has been legit for me.. their viagra/cialis combo capsules are honestly too strong for me. I cant take them anymore because it’s just too powerful. The tamoxifen caps and raloxiphene caps seem to be legit as well.. I always felt that in terms of an RC company, they did pretty well.
  19. T-Bagger

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    What pissed me off the most was when I emailed them to tell them about getting scammed, they never responded.
  20. Whoremoans

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    That does really suck.. I’ve only ever used cashapp with them, I didn’t think you could use a card.
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