Cuttinf on mk677

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  1. mindgame1516

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    Would you guys see any benefit of using mk677 while cutting to help retain and keep muscle. Also to slightly increase strenght while cutting

    Ive been on mk 677 for 3 months. Happend to start it 3 weeks before this whole covid 19.
    It has been a rough cycle. i had a pyramid routine for strenghting up atThe gyms but they closed down. I then i caught covid 19 and was out for about 3.5 weeks before i startes working out again. I reduced my mk677 from 25mg to about 10mg in thay time. I still ate like i was doing physical labor and excercising all day and def put on weight but fat lol. Im not that surprised though, thats what happens when your not burning 5-600 calories a day between work and working out.
    My workouts looked like this since quarantine.

    i switched from weights maintained home works outs to more similar to when i was boxing and in jail to a 30-35 down for pushup, i have 20-35 lb dumbells which i use for shouler raises, miltary press( sets of 25). And a ton of bent over rows for back vertical and horzontal grip. Body squats, and jogging.

    I started cutting calores 2 weeks ago to cut. I kind of feel like i should of just stop taking MK when the gyms closed but... Wishfull thinking.
  2. Ferenor

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    I see no problems cutting with MK.
  3. Eman

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    Mk677 is a ghrelin agonist... It's going to make you hungry all the time. You can take just about any compound while cutting, why pick one that'll make you hungry all the time?
  4. Ferenor

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    It increases hunger only the first weeks / as people told me. And if you want to avoid it more, they take it before sleep.
  5. cmK9s33

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    Taking it before bed does help but doesn't alleviate it altogether. It's half life is 24 hours so it'll be active the following day as well.

    I'm with Eman on this. I wouldn't use something that causes more hunger while trying to cut. Especially since it doesn't seem to actually directly produce more fat loss. If it did then you could make a case of weighing the increased fat oxidation/lipolysis vs the increased hunger.

    Obviously your choice but it's not something I'd use on a cut.
  6. mindgame1516

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    Well i was already on it to bulk. Then corona and fym shut down. It dleaent affect my appetite what so ever anymore.

    Im eating 2100-2500 cal a day. Keeping fats low, mostly wholegrain carbs and fruits afyer a workout. And lean meats. On the clen and mk ive now just seen a nice drop in BF%. And def am looking lean. Im going to continue, and ill post aome pics from when i first started to now
  7. mindgame1516

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    Yeaj those first 2 weeks on mk putts having the munchies from weed to shame
  8. Rosconow

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    I've done a shit ton of mk. Cutting and mk don't belong in the same sentence unless; I will never try cutting on mk677.

    Too much water, too much hunger (even if it subsides), save the mk for a bulk or bridge where you don't care if you're ripped.

    Do some gh for a cut, that's the ticket.
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  9. Demondosage

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    Fuck no I wouldn't use the stuff for cutting! You'll eat your asshole inside out and pack on about 12 lbs of fluid.
  10. ickyrica

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    if you smoke weed daily you'll find your hunger never goes away while on MK. My experience anyway. I did control my eating after the first month and saw a little recomp happening fwiw, but not ideal for cutting.

    It's always bulking season imo, therefore eat like a king sir.