Cutting - considering Var and Clen

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    Hey all :)

    I am starting my cut in a week. I'm not competing, just cutting for summer. I do like being rather lean during summer.

    I have done completion prep once before - i dieted for about 18 weeks and it was really rough. It was for a bikini show. I got fairly lean, but i got stuck in place and couldn't get any leaner - at least not without it costing my health. My body didn't handle the calorie deficit very well and and i walked around in a brain-fog the last 7 weeks. I didn't think the calories were super low at the end - they were 1700 cals the last 3 weeks. And I struggled big time with a massive appetite.

    So this time around I am considering some extra "help" so that I can at least stay functional during my cut and maybe get bit leaner than last time.

    I know absolutely nobody in the "business", so I don't really have anyone to get tips from other then reading through the forum here and googling till my fingers are sore.

    So what my main goals are - like everybody else - loose body fat while keeping as much muscle mass as possible, keep energy levels up and have control over my appetite.

    Am I expecting too much?

    I am considering taking Anavar and clenbuterol - and maybe Phentermine as well for the appetite. How do these three stack together? Low doses of course - I'm terrified by this stuff and i love my feminine look :)

    My Numbers are:
    29 years old
    5,6 tall
    148 lbs

    I'm currently eating about 2200 kcal - I would say this is maintenance for me.
    230g carbs, 175g protein, 65g fat

    Here are photos from the end of my prep - after a mini cheat. I was down to 134 lbs. IMG_4361.jpg IMG_4333.JPG IMG_4350.JPG

    As you can see, I didn't really feel as though I got lean enough for a show. I would have competed in Scandinavia and they come in pretty hard for shows here.

    Would I benefit from Var, clen and Phent?
  2. rpbb

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    hopefully, one of the girls that compete can answer. but since you're pretty cut to begin with, I think the var will make you bigger with a chance of retaining water.
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  3. Natesfitness

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    I am about 14 lbs heavier today than I am in these photos, but I have gained some more mass in my gluteus and legs. So I'm very eager to see what's underneath the winter-fluff :)

    I don't worry about getting bigger, as long its lean muscle mass and not fluffy fat :p I'm ok with the water retention, that will go away once the cycle is over. Is it possible to gain size with Var while you're on a deficit?
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  4. Eman

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    You look ready for the beach already. Also, your bedroom looks like it could be in an ikea commercial.

    Have you used clen before? I would skip the phentermine at first, don't want to add too much all at once.

    You may add a little bit of size but probably not much from the var. A low dose with the clen or ECA would be nice.

    Regardless, you have a great starting point and if you take nothing at all you'll still look pretty fucking good on the beach.
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  5. rpbb

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    You will gain lean muscle, not sure about size, Girls are very complex in these situations.and any water retention does go away. Start at 5mg a day, that's what my girl runs on cycle, she loves the stuff. She's never tried clen
  6. Natesfitness

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    Haha, thank you. Well I am in the land of IKEA - so it very well could be :)

    I have never used clen or var before, nor phentermine. I was also thinking a low dose of var with clen to start. And then maybe add in phentermine after a few weeks when the hunger and the massiv appetite kicks in? I don't know how clen and phentermine work together. I'm worried they might "multiply" each other and instead of just jittering from the clen I'll be walking around shaking :p

    Any thoughts/experience on how clen and phentermine work together?

    I have ordered all three so they have just been shipped, as well as a labmax test.

    I was also thinking of starting out with 5mg and seeing how I like it.
  7. Eman

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    Clen and phen are a popular combo. I suggest you keep the doses very low and do not take everything all at the same time.. start with clen and slowly build up your dose. Keep a close eye on your blood pressure and stay well hydrated.

    I don't care for clen very much personally, I prefer ECA much more. I like Anavar too! But, our experiences will differ with that since I'm a male... I think you'll like it though, it's a good starter compound for females.
  8. rpbb

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  9. Natesfitness

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    Would ECA work even if I didn't do fasted cardio in the morning? I do fasted weight lifting in the morning.
  10. Eman

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    Yes, it would still work.

    The only two compounds that I'm aware of that you need to be fasted for are hgh and yohimbine. Hgh is still able to provide results after eating but it's effects on fat are diminished, yohimbine's fat burning effects are basically stopped completely in the presence of insulin.

    Aside from taking those two compounds, there is no proven evidence of fasted training or cardio being more beneficial than fed training/cardio. As a matter of fact, fed is often better because you tend to have more energy and fuel in your system to push harder. Fat loss always comes back to being in a caloric deficit.

    With that said, some people say they prefer training on an empty stomach in the morning as a matter of personal preference... Maybe you're one of those people and, if so, more power to you. I myself am not.
  11. Natesfitness

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    Thanks a lot @Eman! Great info. So happy I decided to woman up and post on this forum. I guess I'll just keep doing my cardio in the evening and my strength training in the morning :)

    Yes, I am one of those who prefers to train on an empty stomach in the morning. I'm an early bird with no appetite before noon. After that I'm like an addict when it come to food :p
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  12. VM1969

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    yay, another lady starting a log! welcome!
    you look fantastic! I'm currently dieting down for a show in 8 weeks and am going through what you mentioned above (massive hunger, low energy and brain fog...). I think this will be my last show, and then I will switch to something like you're doing now (building in the winter & cutting in the spring).
    I'm currently doing a var cycle and am on a calorie deficit. It's my first cycle, so it's all very experimental at this point. I have made decent gains so far, but I wonder if I'm not taking full advantage of my cycle by being in a calorie deficit...
    Certainly a learning curve. Looking forward to your progress updates! Best of luck!
  13. MrsVlad

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    Check out Sadie’s log. She’s had a lot experience with stacks. I held water with var, but I dropped it after 6 weeks
  14. MrsVlad

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    Gahh! It did not take me 6 weeks to drop it! Sorry about that! I would keep cardio going to help with water especially on Anavar.
  15. Sk8man101

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    My fiancé has taken phen a few times.

    She loves it.
    Kills the appitite and she has lots of energy all day.

    Edit: sides were minimal, she had issues with her time of the month and once or twice she got these crazy whole body muscle cramps. I think it might of been cause she was dehydrated too.
  16. Natesfitness

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    Hey, thank you :)
    I had a read thorugh your log, great stuff! How are you liking the var so far? Was there anything that surprised you? I'm so curious about this stuff and eager to see how it works on me. Especially the phentermine. Diets have always been very hard on my body. I'm one of those who get super nauseous and gags when I get really hungry. And i walk around in a brain fog the entire time. My package just arrived so I'm just waiting for my labmax test.
    Did you notice a big difference from when you encreased from 5 mg to 10 mg? Not sure if i should start on 5 or 10.

    So glad it didn't take 6 weeks to drop the water :p I'm hoping that vitamin C can help with the water retention. I'm not so keen on doing cardio 6 days a week, unless i have to. I'll be starting off with two cardio days a week. Are you planning on a new cycle?

    Thank you so much for the info! I have been trying to find a post with someone's experience on phent in here, but haven't found much. Do you know what dose she was on and did she take anything else? I'll be sure to drink tons of water :)
  17. Sk8man101

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    No she just used phen.

    Cons: You’ll test positive for meth if you have to take a drug test, spotting between periods.
    Hard to find UGL grade due to the fact that the countries that usually supply raw powders treat phen as a highly illegal substance.

    Pros: it is commonly prescribe by doctors, can be taken long term, the appetite surpression is crazy(you’ll forget to eat all day if your not careful) lots and lots of energy.

    Here is the link to a forum specifically dedicated to phentermine. - Weight loss support forums

    Adipex is the name brand for phen btw haha.
  18. MrsVlad

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    I am planning one for summer! I need to get an injury healed and hope cortisone shots work. But my plan is to roll into body fat loss macro cycle and then start a cycle in late June.
  19. Savagesteve

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    I would go with Phen or clen instead of both but really depends on how you react. I take clen and look like I have Parkinson’s while my buddy can take 40mcg and take a nap.
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  20. Sadie

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    Yikes! That sounds like some serious stuff. I’m interested though.

    Also subbed. Can’t wait to see the progress.
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