Cutting Cycle Critique

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  1. foxace36

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    Just as a bit of background, here's my current stats and photos:

    6'0 205lb

    I know I'm no mass monster like some of you guys here are, but this is where I am at. I have been doing a slow, lean bulk natty. Plan to probably put on another 5-10 pounds before heading into my summer cut (unless you guys think I am good to cut from where I am now). Here's the plan for my cycle and diet:

    Weeks 1 - 16: Cruise dose of Test E + 400mg of tren E (Might bump it to 500)
    Weeks 1 - 6: 50mg of Anavar ED

    The plan for my regime is to transition to more of a strength orientated structure (as opposed to volume) and focus on maintaining my strength throughout the cut. I'll probably be hitting the gym 4-5x a week and hitting 1H of LISS cardio probably 3x a week (on my days off).

    I want to cut down to around 8% BF and try to float between 8-11/12. Cut down to 8 -> Bulk up to 11/12. Rinse and repeat.

    Thoughts and/or suggestions?

    I also know that ethanate esters take a while to kick in. Will the anavar kickstart be substantial enough to allow me to dive straight into a cut? Or should I be eating around maintenance for those first 6 weeks?
  2. BigNattyDaddy

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    Winstrol and masterone are good for cutting cycles
  3. foxace36

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    Would winny be a good kickstart? I am certainly considering winny at the tail end of my cut (I want to avoid mast because of hair loss concerns). I think I’ve heard the same thing about winny though (hair loss wise), or am I wrong?
  4. BigNattyDaddy

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    I've seen a lot of posts about joint pain with winstrol. Not sure about the hair loss tbh.
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  5. tenpoundsleft

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    tren is the answer

    What was the question?
  6. ironwill1951

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    have you used tren before? if not I would use tren a if you don't react well to tren 2 weeks is a long time to wait for it to clear,
    also 16 weeks of tren is a very long tren run.
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  7. foxace36

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    I’ve used it before. Yeah, I meant to type 10 or 12. Just used to typing 16 with ethenate esters. Do you think I can dive straight into the cut with the var kickstart or should I wait for the Tren to kick in at week 6?
  8. tenpoundsleft

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    Frontload the Tren E with a triple dose and it'll kick in after a week or so.
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  9. foxace36

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    I did plan on possibly front loading, though someone on this board commented last time about frontloading being pointless. Something about having had a discussion on Meso about it already. Would love if some people could chime in about this
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  10. picholas

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    Forget front loading, just do an oral if you want a kickstarter.
  11. Morefyah

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    It is rather pointless when it come to tren.
    There is no fucking way Tren E will kicking in at one week no matter how much you frontload. The proper way would be to jumpstart what ever you running with the short Ester equivalent, it’s more effective then frontloading..
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  12. foxace36

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    That’s what I plan on doing with Anavar, but I wanted to know if var was strong enough of a kickstart to warrant diving straight into a cut.

    I do have half a vial of ace left over.....God, I just hated pinning every day. Do you think var is a good enough kickstart?
  13. tenpoundsleft

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    I don't think it's placebo, I frontload and it feels like after a week or 10 days or so that it kicks in (eg head sweats at night begin)

    Edit: I've done several tren E cycles at varying levels so I know how it feels and most importantly I know that I don't get any really nasty sides from it so I'm not afraid of frontloading it. Wouldn't recommend someone new to Tren E to frontload, you could be miserable for a good while.
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  14. Morefyah

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    I running a log right now using a lot of compounds at low dosage, lol, well for me!
    I am using tren ACE right now. I have pinned ED and EOD, but what works best for me is
    M, W, F, S and I’m only using 240mg a week and I was feeling the Tren by the my third pin.
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  15. picholas

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    If it is in fact Anavar -- yes.

    But if you have an acetate ester of ten why don't you just do that until the enanthate kicks in. Just run it for the first 4 weeks before switching.

    Or do both if you really want.
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  16. Big_paul

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    You can't go wrong with your proposed cycle.
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