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Hello everyone, I would like to make a cutting cycle with aas and simultaneously put on a few kg of muscle. And I thought to follow the following schedule:
Week 1: 20 mg of oxandrolone
Week 2: 20 mg of oxandrolone and 10 of dianabol
Week 3: 30 mg of oxandrolone and 10 of dianabol
Week 4: 40 mg of oxandrolone and 10 of dianabol
Week 5: 50 mg of oxandroloneand and 10 mg dianabol
Week 6: 70 mg of oxandrolone and 10 dianabol
Week 7: 60 mg of oxandrolone and 10 of dianabol
Taking each day 2 sachets of Legalon after main meals and 1 tablet of proviron.
Post cycle, nolvadex 40 mg per day for 1 week and then 20 per day for 4 more weeks.
As for the first week, I thought just take oxandrolone because I've never taken steroids and it's better to start with low doses. Instead the addition of dianabol the following weeks is to increase muscle mass.
I would like to know how much time must pass after this cycle before you start a new one? and how many cycles you can do before you run into unpleasant side effects.
How can I buy these products without incurring counterfeit and dangerous products?
Thank you in advance


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Terrible cycle IMO!!! Do yourself a BIIIIIIG !! Favor and do alot more research, everything you need to know is here.
Good luck!!




Do your liver, and yourself, a favor and reconsider. If you have a phobia of needles, you'll get over it quick. I did.


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