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  1. Capt Forest

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    diet jan 18th 2015.png I am 5'8" 190 14.1% bf as of today.
    I am on a cut while on cycle. Here is a link to the op of my log where you can see my plan and stats.

    Any advice welcome!
  2. Ozzy619

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    @Marcus gave you some good advice on your cycle log. You might like adding fat and cutting carbs. You can carb cycle or go straight into ketosis.
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  3. Docd187123

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    I don't see anything wrong with those macros. Looks good if your calorie intake is less than TDEE.
  4. Yeah fattening it up a bit would be best.
    But I like my diets different than most
    I Hike up my fats and carbs to help my testosterone and I just get minimal protein from eggs and such
    I eat about 2 dozen eggs a day so Just from that I say that enough protien.
    But diets are different for everyone.