hey guys I'll be starting my cut soon (could even be as soon as tomorrow) I had a good bulk I'm currently sitting at 85kgs at 15-16% bf at 5'11 I want to get to 10ish% so I can see my abs again. I'll be running a test p and winny cycle in about 3-4 weeks not sure yet letting my skin clear up. It'll look like this 100mg test eod and winny 40mg for the last 4weeks of a 8 week cycle. So my question is should I start my cut or hold off till I start my cycle I don't think 8 weeks is going to be long enough to drop 5-6% bf or even more!

Currently eating: 3190 cals and maintaining with 20 min cardio 3 times a week P250 F110 C300
In the past Iv kept fat low and it's fucked me up a little this time I'm looking to keep fats pretty high the whole time...

Thanks guys :)

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