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    I've been tinkering with a few ideas for a cycle. Before I start, I'll list some stats. 34 years old. 5'8" 205#. 18% BF. 465 Bench/685 squat. Did a few cycles while playing college football. Looking to add a bit of strength and size (to get over some plateau's.) More importantly, I'm looking to cut some weight. Diet is in check and I get plenty of cardio in.

    What I have available to me is sustanon, primo and anavar...along with some others that I'll list. This is my thought below as to what I'd like to do (part of this, you may recognize.)

    clenbuterol t3 Ameridix nolvadex Sustanon
    1 40mcg/ed 20 mcgs/ed .25mcgs/ed 40mgs/ed 500 mg/week
    2 60mcg/ed 20 mcgs/ed .25mcgs/ed 40mgs/ed 500 mg/week
    3 Off 40mcgs/ed .25mcgs/ed 40mgs/ed 500 mg/week
    4 Off 40mcgs/ed .25 mcgs/ed 40mgs/ed 750 mg/week
    5 60 mcgs/ed 60mcgs/ed .25mcgs/ed 40mgs/ed 750 mg/week
    6 80mcgs/ed 40mcgs/ed .25mcgs/ed 40mgs/ed 750 mg/week
    7 Off 20mcgs/ed .25mcgs/ed 20mgs/ed 500 mg/week
    8 80mcgs/ed 20mcgs/ed .25mcgs/ed 20mgs/ed 500 mg/week

    Starting Week 11, pct would go like this: clomid-300 mg day 1/100mg 10 days/50mg 10 days

    Let me know your thoughts.

    Appreciate your help
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