Women-Only Cycle anavar/primo/GH - experiences and questions

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    Taking multiple compounds has its risks. Using winny to combat bloat with var makes no sense.

    Lower the doses of both var and winny or eliminate one to get a balance back.

    You WILL hold some water, that's a given but it will level off. Your food and water intake is what will help with your water retention as your number one source.
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    Why would a woman use a man's protocol to recover post cycle. That makes no sense at all?! Especially adding testosterone boosters. Besides, that crap is just good marketing.

    Women don't need to boost testosterone after their AAS cycles. Women's bodies have female hormones, that's what needs to be balanced back. If anything, I've had women bounce back with the use of their birth control to get their cycles regular and time off always needs to be the length of the cycle at the minimum.

    So your pct should be the time off and maintain all your gains, ensure your diet is super clean, continue your training and adjust your calories to maintenance. (Roughly multiply your weight in pounds by 11 up to 13 = is your daily calorie intake guideline depending how active you are.) Stay off till your monthly period returns is a fair timeline and ensure it is the minimum time of the length of your AAS cycle that you just finished.
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    For me when I use a PCT like a man at a lower dosages it works for me. Sometimes when I add a natural testosterone booster with healthy nutrition , I will recover faster.

    Note: I run higher dosages and longer cycles then most women. It's what works for me.
    If I run a normal women's cycle, I see very little from it. My body chemistry unique.

    I most of the time recommend most women should do some kind of PCT tailored to her body chemistry and the cycle she just finished.
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    I do not combat bloat by taking win, I added win just to make a better combo. Last time I suffered of water retention too with only var but I'm pretty sure GH increase the feeling.

    Today, I had stomach pain too I never had before, is it ""normal"?

    My periods never been well adjust, If I wait for them to come back I can wait 1 year LOL...

    I know less is better that's why I only take 20mg of var for this time but sides effects are much more stronger than last time... I'm thinking about stopping my cycle, apparently my body don't want this kind of gear in...
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    I'm sorry but a WOMAN has no place in a MAN's PCT protocol. THAT IS WRONG AND DANGEROUS ADVICE UNLESS YOU ARE A MAN! PERIOD. I truly hope you haven't pushed this carelessness on anyone besides your own body. You should STOP giving such uninformed and dangerous advice as you clearly have no idea. What you do to your body is crazy so there is only one thing - you're transitioning because you are forcing/blocking female hormones at all costs, and that's OK but not something most females are interested in. So please do not tell females to use a man's PCT or its products in such a careless way!

    Do you even know what these compounds you are using are and what they do?!? Unless you have tucked in testicles that you are trying to kick start, there is no reason for a woman to touch ANY PCT COMPOUNDS to "PCT". That will NOT help you recover as a woman. you're blocking everything womanly possible!

    PCT for a woman - and I have said this at least a 100 times over is for one - taking the time off that is the same to the time you were on cycle. Second, depending on the compound, you can taper off gradually to allow a FEMALE body to get back on track. And finally, stay off till your period comes back and all/if any undesirable sides you may have experienced subside or some add their BC back into rotation to help their periods regulate again. THAT'S IT, THAT'S A WOMAN'S PCT... NO UNNECESSARY COMPOUNDS USED!
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    I know you don't use winny to combat var bloat. I was addressing the comment by leggoddess as it is COMPLETELY WRONG - you don't use another compound to combat an undesirable side with another compound.

    In your situation, your doses are too high, your body is telling you so. 20mg of var is a high dose, lower it back to 10mg if you are continuing with winny at 5mg. That is a good stack and doses are plenty for a woman to use and get good results from.

    Ensure your food is on point and increase your protein intake if you are getting stomach cramps. That usually helps. Also increase your water intake, dehydration will give you those pains too.

    Once you lower the doses, increase hydration and focus on your food intake, you should be OK.
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    I agree with most of what you say but for me my body chemistry is between a woman's and a man. For most compounds to work in me I have to take more then what most women use but less then most men use. Due to taking high dosages I always feel better doing a pct.

    I wonder if I'm a hermaphrodite (body chemistry). On the outside born 100% woman. On inside part man.. ummm. Not sure what to say... I'll bring it up with my Dr tomorrow.

    I know other women who got bad side effects from VAR 5mg per day, other women who got same side's they had to take about 30mg or 40mg of var every day.

    I have a client who is male, he had bad side's at 10mg of var, other men needed 60mg of var to get same sides.

    It's crazy how we all have different body chemistry.
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    Well noted, I will only take 10 mg and see if I feel better as you always said less is better and I'm really okay with this because my body is telling me it!

    Hope so it will help because with stomach cramps I'm stuck in my bed and I can not train... too bad!

    Thank you @GearGodess
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