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    it's been a while since i posted on here.been so friggin busy at work and the gym.i figured i'd post a little about my current cycle.just starting 5th week of sust250 eod (was doing it 3x wk but decided to bump it up)deca 200 at 600mg/wk (bumped that up as well from 400mg) dbol-just finished 4wks of 50mg.ed,and hcg at 250i.u. e4th day.gains so far have been pretty decent altho i know i really have to increase my calories quick.started at 179lbs and 14.2% bf and now as of yesterday morning wgh 189lbs and 12.4% bf.i truly expected more wght gain but as i said i realize calorie intake is under what i should be taking in.i know the gears legit not only because of the source but how my strength has gone up after a 2yr layoff and how my sex drive's almost abnormal,lol.i'm hard at the drop of a hat and can literally bust one 3-4x a previous cycles have been cyp alone or frontloaded with dbol and always made great gains altho bf hovered around far as training i'm doing a basic max-ot routine and must say i wish i knew about this years of the best methods next to DC(which i plan to do over the winter).
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    great results man...