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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Brees Way, Mar 24, 2011.

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    Brees Way

    Brees Way Junior Member

    Hi, I am going to be running a 4 week D-bol and Winstrol cycle and I need some help. Both are orals. I am 5' 11" 180lbs 23 years old.

    Here is the breakdown, tell me what you think:

    Week 1-4

    Winstrol- 50 mg per day (350mg per week)
    D Bol- 20 mg per day (140mg per week)

    Week 5-7 (pct)

    clomid- 300mg Day 1
    100 mg next 10 days
    50 mg next 10 days

    Do I need to add anything to this, (especially in the PCT) as I of course don't want gyno.
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    Samue Junior Member

    Drop the winstrol and add a Test base to your cycle. If you want to keep the cycle short get test prop and run that for 8 weeks with d bol for the first four. Problem with that is I presume your probably scared of needles hence the oral only cycle, in that cas maybe run Test E because you will only have to inject twice a week but that will lead you to need a longer cycle, (10-12 weeks.) Everyone here will tell you this and its important to get through your head, you really need a test base with EVERY cyle, otherwise you can say bye bye to erections and your cycle wont really be worth it gains wise.

    And holy 300mg of clomid on day one? Too much bro. Run Clomid at 100mg and nolva at 50mg for two weeks then cut the dose in half for two more weeks and you should be good to go.
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    j6237 Junior Member

    As you could imagin, I have a host of questions. But I dont really want to get into all of them but i gotta say- Im not sure of your fantsay with this short "oral" cycle because everything available to read is against what your attempting to do. The first thought is, it too short. 4 weeks?? The second is, what are your expectations on results? IMHO, save your money or go longer and 50mgs of winny ED could present a whole host of other issues. Anyway;

    Lastly, and as noted, you should consider a simple test E cycle first as I have the feeling that this may be your first cycle.. As the one suggested is not so great. However, Im not here to scare you and if your set on doing it, here is my suggestion. Depending on your orals and mg per pill;

    Assuming 10mg tab Winstrol Tabs/ 5mgs d bol
    1 2 tabs/day
    2 2 tabs/day
    3 2 tabs/day
    4 3 tabs/day
    5 3 tabs/day
    6 4 tabs/day
    7 5 tabs/day
    8 5 tabs/day
    9 4 tabs/day
    10 3 tabs/day
    11 3 tabs/day
    12 2 tabs/day

    11/12- 14 pct. clomid is fine but 300 day one is a little much.

    Some will counter that 12 weeks is too long for orals however, its not... There are things like liver support but the overal mg is not very toxic. Understand, everyone is diffrent and you could have an issue but thats the risk you run with ANY AAS.

    Good luck,

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    dfreak Junior Member

    What to add to this? Some test man, that's all you need. You can cut or bulk with test only depending on diet and training.

    You can use either dbol or winny to kick start. And winny at end of a cycle if you wish to.

    Go with a test only cycle or use either oral to kick start, I would go with dbol and test e or c.

    10-12 weeks of test @ 500 mgs with dbol anywhere from 30-60 mgs a day depends on what u have. Use liver aid(I'm on milk thistle liv 52 and others year round even when off cycle). Have hcg and an al in hand just in case.

    The pct is fine, even at 300 mgs.

    One more thing if you wish you can do this:

    1-12 test 500 mgs
    1-4 dbol 30-60 mgs
    9-12 winny.

    I wouldn't do this but its an option if u use liver aid and drink plenty of water. I would still urge you to use a test dbol basic cycle you will not be sorry.
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    dennis Member

    The thing that jumps off the page to me is : Dbol and Winstrol used together ???
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    Samue Junior Member

    ^ Do as he says, I ran that test E/ D bol cycle and made great gains. 100lb increase on my deadlift in 14 weeks! And it was already one of my more impressive lifts beforehand
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    dfreak Junior Member

    Dennis I agree I've never met anyone to use both, unless as I directed to take one in the beginning and end of a long cycle 12 plus weeks. I wouldn't use them together.
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    RuLeofThuMb Junior Member

    This guy needs to do alot more research before doing any cycles... Dont be that guy man. Be samrter than the average jackass... PLEASE.
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    dennis Member

    dfreak..this guy could be one of those who wants to 'cut' and 'bulk' at the same time...;)
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    dfreak Junior Member

    Yup but it will fail... Miserably
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    Brees Way

    Brees Way Junior Member

    Thanks for the response guys, i appreciate it. I have decided to cut the D-Bol out completely and just go with Winstrol.

    Sorry just a few more questions. Should i run a test base with the winstrol and do I need to still do clomid as a pct at the a fore mentioned dosage?

    -Thank you

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