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    Currently I am rehabbing a rotator cuff injury,but am stock pieling gear for my next cycle. I currently have 4x250ml test cyp,2x100ml dhb,2x150ml dhb(different brand),4x100ml tren ace. I wanted to know if I could run both tren ace and dhb on the same cycle. I read that dhb is basically tren with little side effects. I was thinking 14 week cycle 500 test cyp,400 tren ace,400 dhb. I might throw in some provirone and/or Anavar 100mg per day first 4-6 weeks.This would be my 5 cycle,never used tren ace or dhb before.5’7” 202lbs at about 15-20% body fat.Been trying to keep in shape while shoulder rehabs.Any help would be greatly appreciated