Cycle idea, advice on igf1 DES and Slin

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    Hi guys here is it my introduction with previous cycle and stats and pictures + video:

    Introduction of Simobbuilder

    I really need advice on this cycle (not on AAS but Slin and igf1) i spent weeks reading in both french and english and asking people, and i had different pov, so i need answers on the protocol

    Diet: Between 5000 kcal and 5400 kcal

    Bulking cycle:

    S 1-3: Anadrol 100 mg/d

    S 1-16 : Tri Test 650 mg/w

    S 1-16 : Boldo 600 mg/w

    S 1-16: Deca 500 mg/w

    S 1-16: Proviron 25 mg/d

    S 1-16: igf1 DES 70 mcg/d

    S 1-16: insulin 10 ui/d then 2x10 ui/d then maybe 3x10 ui/d


    For IGf1 DES and insulin, I am thinking about alternating between the two, so 4 weeks of igf1 then 4 weeks of insulin etc...

    The IGF1 DES in Preworkout saw its half-life of a few minutes followed by 40 g of BCAA + 80 g of Vitargo during training.

    For Insulin i am thinking about taking it as Postworkout then 15 minutes later Drinking a Shake containing 50 g of Whey iso + 80 g of Vitargo + 40 g of BCAA + 5 g of creatine + 5 of Glutamine, and meal minutes later (with few fats).

    Then thinking days later upping it to 10 ui twice a day: postworkout and before another meal, and if everything is okay, before two other meals.

    My questions are:

    I don’t know if it is safe to run insulin all the cycle with no break?

    And if it’s safe can i use both slin and igf1 at same time?

    Should i run some t3 with to avoid getting fat?
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    Based off the pics you posted in your intro you’re going to piss away half of what you’re taking, no need for over 2 grams yet. I recommend reevaluating your current plans and doing yourself a favor by saving half of what you’d spend on that. You’ll be able to achieve the same results with a lighter cycle at your stage of development.

    That’s my .02, but do as you wish.
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    Do not run insulin the entire time, take it from me, I'm a diabetic. I wouldn't suggest it at all but if you're going to use it I would go 4 weeks on, 4 off, 4 on, 4 off, do not stay on that shit
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    I will do this, i was hesitating but now i have my answer 4 weeks slin 4 weeks igf1 and maybe i will only add slin on leg days during weeks off
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    What do u suggest, i think that my dosages arr very low ( i mean around 500 mg ) and it’s UG so probably a bit underdosed even if i am sure of the good quallty but u know ug is ug
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    By the way i am on 1,7 g so not above 2 g of gear fr my cycle
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    Will 30 UI of insulin cut it I dont think so might wanna make that 50 else you ll feel nothing
    You re too beefed up to be only using 30 uis

    Or you could just start eating

    Regardless of your goals its just way too soon to be using slin I mean look at your condition I know you wanna be looking like mr Olympa but theres just no way you can justify using insuline with that physique
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    It’s novorapid slin, so i will need only 10 ui post workout in the beginning, then it depends on how i feel the need to take another 10 ui before another meal
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    Yes, and I'd add berberine to keep insulin sensitivity high, as well.
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    I was also including the first 3 weeks of Anadrol, that’s where over 2 came from. I like the cycle aas, I don’t feel the slin and igf are necessary at all.
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    Thanks for the advice, i’ve just read about it it looks interesting, when should i take berberine before or after injection, amd how much time between?
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    Day number 3 after the beginning of cycle, 2 times 10 iu of slin per day with no hypo problem after waiting 15 min and 20 min and even 40 min before taking my shake, so i will keep it 20 min for the rest of the cycle.
    Initial weight: 87 kg
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    I think this guy went hypo lol
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    I am still alive thanks for asking ;)

    For my cycle, the Anadrol and igf des were fake, so i enjoyed only my test deca eq and slin to make my gainz

    The Slin i stayed at 15 ui preworkout

    I added some dbol at the end 30mg/day

    I stopped the cycle at week 13, i started getting bored at the end, as tje gainz became very slow

    Went up to 95 kg during this cycle

    And now cruising on 250 mg of test E
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