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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by KTCKSports, Dec 22, 2003.

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    KTCKSports Guest

    Hi gents,

    I was reading some of the posts below and noticed some have commented about cycle length. I was curious what is the benefit or disadvantage of a 10 week cycle vs an 8 week cycle? I am taking a Enth cycle with Dbol but I am no longer running Dbol.

    First what are you thoughts comparing a 8 vs 10 week cycle? Second, is running test alone going to hamper my results? Should I have mixed in EQ for the next cycle?

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    joe5572 Junior Member

    For a first cycle- test alone with a Dbol kickstart is no problem. As far as 8 vs. 10- 10 is better IMO. If you were to add in EQ to the mix for your next cycle- extend it to 12 weeks since EQ takes a while to kick in. It seems to be the trend that 8 week cycles are no longer used nearly as much anymore. 2 more weeks on the test could only be a little better as far as gains.
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    Blind180 Junior Member

    Short ester stuff like Prop, Winny, tren Acet, ect..I will run 8Weekers. Longer esters, Like Deca, EQ, Enth ect..ect.. I will run 10-12 weekers.

    Next cycle you could run a 10-12week cycle of Test ent, EQ(or Deca) & Dbol. The Dbol will kickstart the cycle in your longer esters will kick in about the third week or so. Classic mass builder cycle right there.
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    kent1 Junior Member

    My advice is use EQ instead of deca if you are not that cutted. EQ, 500mg per week, 750 mg of test, that you should split in enathate , cypionate, and the ( 4ester sustenon ). 5 or 6 tabs of dbol per day during 8 weeks of a 10 week cycle.

    Thats a good combo for sure, it worked out for me. but yo ma consider using some winstrol at the end and replace the eq or deca for it. Its easy to get blooded on a 10 week test and dbol.

    Christmas seazon dosent help us with chocolates, sweets and least for me :p

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    satchboogie Junior Member

    my cycles from now on are at least 10 weeks and up to 16. :cool:
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    KTCKSports Guest

    Good info guys! I was planning on doing an 8 week cycle that was supposed to end at the end of next week. However based on what I have read, I will extend it another 2 weeks.

    I used Test E for the entire cycle. I used Prop to jumpstart the cycle for 3 weeks. Then I switched over to Dbol instead of the Prop. Now weeks 7-10 I will just use 1000 mg of Eth. My thinking was that Test E is a bigger mass builder then EQ. However I think I may add EQ to my next cycle next semester as well. I guess since it takes a while to kick in, I would have to run it the entire cycle.


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    jaysmithinwesson Junior Member

    you got it.
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    atlmo Junior Member

    12 weeks minimum, it takes 4 or 5 weeks to start seeing results. You need to get as much growing time on a cycle as possible, other wise you are short changing yourself.

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