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    Hey guys

    Please bear with me as English isnt my native language
    I havent really introduced myself to the forum yet, so here goes
    I'm making this tread for a few reasons, mainly to thanks these 2 guys I've been coached by because those are by far the best results I've ever had,
    and if my experience can help someone that doesnt know better like I did, it'll be worth it

    I'm a 5,9", 210 lbs 30 years old male
    Started working out when I was 15 or around, having a muscular body is a goal I remember to always have pursued
    I never had the chance to train on a regular and steady basis, life got in they way and 14 years laters I've just recovered from a debilitating disease
    I wont get too much into it but I was basically stuck in bed for 6 months every year, so my journey to a better physique was rather compromised

    Fast forward to a year ago, I'm finally back on tracks
    Meds got me putting on 70lbs of pure fat withing a year, but it was all good, and I was training steadily for a few months
    I didn't know nothing about training, nor was I sticking to a diet, but results were coming in slowly

    In fact, they actually came too slowly too my taste, and it wasnt too long before I started looking around for a shortcut to a better physique
    Few days latter and I was off starting a tbol cycle

    2 weeks in, zero results whatsoever, got some water retention in but that was about it, no strenght increase nothing
    Liver tolerance wasn't too good either as my ALT levels were rising quickly, but I wasnt too concerned

    At that point, it became clear I had to get some help, so I took a know coach from a steroid forum
    Sticked to the program (diet and training) like glue, and results came in hot a few days after
    This is where the bloodwork because rather concerning, with not only ALT levels at around 250 but bilirubinemia increasing aswell

    What a letdown, I just had to stop the TBOL
    Now I'm not trying to justify myself, but at this moment, dropping steroids altogether didnt seem like a concievable option
    Against my coach advice, I started a testo E cycle, 500mg a week
    Looking back now I should've just called it, and startin a cycle with a liver like mine was back then is one of the dumbest idea I've ever had in my life
    I'd like to add that i'm in the medical field so this is even more terrifying when I think about it today

    So here I am with a coach and my testo cycle
    I never make any cheat meals, I eat 6 meals a day, this doesnt go well with my work, so I end up eating alone at ood times
    The lady is very comprehensive about the diet and doesnt bother me too much with it, she doesnt know about the cycle, but I'd like to insist on how sticking to a strick diet is actually demanding too me for practical reasons
    I had to eat a fuckton of vegetables, I was close to throwing up about everymeal, honestly it was just really hard, but I got through it
    Never missed a workout, I'm paying 2 different gyms so I can always go to one, my dedication was on par, probably even a bit too much

    7 weeks in the cycle, I had nothing to show for it
    Lab was Pharmacom, and bloodwork came back positive, I did have a trillion of test going on
    Still, strenght went up, but that was about it
    Nothing close to what I imagined, nothing worth pinning every 3 days or hidding gear to the girl I love
    At that point, I made another dumb move, I added some boldenone, around 600g a week
    Results HAD to come since I was upping the dosages, right?

    Well guess what, I ended my cycle at 16 weeks or something, and they never came
    I'll post before and after pic, I lost some fat, but nothing I couldn't have done without gear
    Did my pct, lost every single bit of strenght I had gained, and I was back to where I started a few months ago

    I really felt like shit
    All this dedication, all this effort, turned down events to go to the gym, missed some vacations to go to the gym,
    eating alone stuff I HATE every single day, for about zero results, zilch, nada
    I was still there with my ugly ass body, eating those meds that will keep making me fat until the day I die

    Now I was planing on a long "OFF" period, but I have to say the results I had (or lack thereof), got me back on gear quickly
    2 months off and I was going at it again, now with some seriously retarded doses (for my level) to make sure I would be getting results

    I started using pharma mix 4, at approximately 0,8CC EOD which translate into around:
    -1,2g of test each week,
    - 600mg of nandrolone each week
    about 25% of each being for short esters

    I had a bit of a liver issue with this cycle aswell, went up to 350ish, then it went down on his own, I actually
    came around at that time to this forum to share/get some advices about it, but I presented it as my first cycle back then
    Its always hard to admit how bad you fuck up sometimes

    Fast forward 7 weeks in, and what do you know, zero gains aswell
    Strenght went up a tad but even less than during my test E cycle, and from pictures you could've never guessed I was on
    the juice
    Now what to do ?
    Talked to my coach about it, and he really got me thinking I had bad genetics, this was a marathon not a race, no reason to freak out, basically change nothing and keep going
    8-9 months of pure dedication, and nothing to show for it ?
    I almost bought it
    I'm not gonna lie, I considered buying some GH and insuline, and had already my next cycle planned with high doses of tren

    Got my senses back, and I started looking around for another online coach
    Went trough some really retarded shit, then landed here and sent a main to these guys at Atlas physiques
    I never knew them as I wasnt reading meso US, but I knew if this forum said they were worth it, I had to give it a chance

    They asked for pictures, asked questions I was never asked for, got a diet adapted to me without too much vegetables,
    and a new training program
    The training was changing on a regular basis, which was something new to me
    Had to send pictures from times to times to see how it went, this felt like the real deal
    They gave me advices on how to do exercises, and I realise I had shit form on about every single exercise
    I didnt change my dosages

    2 weeks later, I literaly blew the fuck out, and I'm still gaining strenght by the day
    I'm clueless about AAS and results you get on them, but this really felt like it
    Could literaly see a change week after week
    Strenght went TRHOUGH THE ROOF
    Veins poping up left and right
    I added close to 100lbs on my 8rep max on squat in 2 months, about 40lbs to my dumbell chest press 8rep max, and the list
    goes on
    I spend LESS time on the gym, for more results
    The diet is easier on my nerves, and they even let me get some cheat meals sometimes
    I've never been happier

    Had I not went to these guys, god knows what I wouldve done
    This is for all the noobs like me who think increasing the amount of gear you use will give you results
    I went from thinking I had shit genetics to making gains, just by getting a different coach

    As of today I'm on the end of my cycle, I have a few weeks left
    Im going to try to log my progress on a regular basis, and hopefully get some input
    I'm planning to stay with @mands and @Wunderpus for as long as they propose their services
    I just can't thank them enough

    I'll post some pictures later
    If you have some questions let me know
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    thank you!
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    Here are the pics, taken after morning breakfast, no warmup no pump:

    Before it all stared, about a year ago:
    semaine 2.1.jpg

    Before my MIX 4 cycle:
    semaine 0.jpg

    7 weeks into my mix 4 cycle, right before starting with Atlas physiques; this is when I realised something was off:
    semaine 7.jpg

    Today, so after 8 weeks of coaching:
    semaine 12X 95 kilos 24 juillet.jpg

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    I think another progress pic added to these would really show what you have accomplished @Havah. You are doing fantastic.

    Straight killin it.