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    Does this cycle work? I'm gonna cut for a solid month before doing a test p var stack. I'm dead set on this cycle but want to know if the time table work and if there will be any complications.

    weeks 1-8 Ostarine
    weeks 1-16 cardarine
    Weeks 2-3 clen 20/40 mcg
    weeks 4-18 - 100 mg test prop EOD. 350 mg per week
    weeks 6-7 40/60/80 mcg Clen
    weeks 8-16 - 75 mg per day of Anavar
    Weeks 11-2 80 mcg clen
    Weeks 19-27 - Ostarine
    weeks 19-22 nolva, clomid, N2Generate and liver support

    AI on hand throughout. Also taking liver support, taurine, magnesium and potassium.