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Discussion in 'Steroid Cycle Log' started by Rams, Dec 30, 2017.

  1. Rams

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    I’m reposting this here because I originally posted it in the wrong part of MESO:

    Hey MESO,

    Starting a 12 week test and Dbol cycle for my first cycle.

    500mg Test E: weeks 1-12
    40mg dbol: weeks 1-4 or 1-6
    aromasin 12.5mgs E3D: weeks 1-14

    My stats are:
    325 bench
    405 squat
    495 deadlift

    Been working out seriously for 5 years

    So here’s my question. What dosage of aromasin would I have to run during cycle if at all since I am not going to be prone to gyno? I have had gyno in the past and got it removed along with the glands to prevent gyno from coming back.

    Also if there is any tweaks you want to make to my cycle please go ahead and I’ll consider making them!
  2. Eman

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    You probably don't need to run the AI that far past your last pin.

    When does pct start?
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  3. You and your stupid questions :confused:
    Obviously the pct will start when the esters have cleared. Stop being a moron o_O

    And stop telling people not to run AIs. Estrogen must be controlled at all times as there are more sides from it than just gyno dumb ass Michelin looking deformed jack ass

    You, Evom and Mands are the scum of meso giving dangerous advice to everyone. If you want to f#ck yourself fine but no one want to look like you guys.

    People need to take advice from guys who have figured out how to really be in shape and not from out of shape f#cking Walrus like you guys.

    I mean just picture you, Evom and Mands on a bodybuilding stage :confused:
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  4. Rams

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    Okay, so I’ll just be running the AI throughout the duration of the cycle.
  5. As long as the ester of the aromatizing compound is still in your system on a high enough concentration to cause estrogen problems. This obviously varies by how much the compound aromatize and the half life of the compound.

    Some people make the mistake of starting AIs before the estrogen actually rises(ex. Test Cyp injection won't start aromatizing into estrogen considerably until approx 7 days post injection, so running AIs too early can result in a temporary crash of estrogen) and/or stopping AIs before the esters have cleared (this can cause estrogen rebound).

    The best way to know if you need an AI is bloodwork pre, during and post cycle
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    Shut the fuck up, bitch tits. How many people on this board tell you this on a daily basis? You get abused on a constant basis and still come to troll... It's a pathetic existence you have isn't it?

    "My questions" lol, you ask no questions because the answer is always "no aromatizing" compounds because you fucked up your first cycle and made it clear you have no idea what you were doing then and you don't know now either.

    Please... Stick a fork in your eye.
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    How has this guy not been banned yet smh
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    OP, in case you haven't figured it out yet, this is one of our village idiots. Never, ever listen to anything he says.
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  10. Rams

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    Thanks for the heads up mjf.
  11. Rams

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    My pct is going to start 2 weeks after the last pin.
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  12. Eman

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    Wrong. Too soon.
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  13. Rams

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    Would four weeks after the last pip be a better time to start?
  14. Logan44551

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    I'd wait a month, test levels will still be to high at two weeks
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  15. Oldman.

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  16. Logan44551

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    I disagree. Keep in mind starting pct a little late is far better than starting it to early.
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  17. Hawkins

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    @Rams - your pct start is all about the half life of the compound/compounds, brother.

    The hyperlink above for the PCT sticky is pretty darn precise. Read it several times...

    Oh, and don't listen to @EcpertRealistic. He's a punk ass kid with a computer.
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  18. Rams

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    Thank you all for the great answers.
  19. Rams

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    Going to be switching aromasin from E3D to EOD