Cycle without it possible?

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    I've heard the same thing but that doesn't make it a better way to cycle
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    From where? according to who? People just posting shit with no reference or citation. This whole thread is highly suspect of someone trying to drive clicks on this "dr.'s" YouTube posts. Smells like bullshit in here...
  3. i could walk into a bank with a banana in my pocket and demand cash. Just because i could do it, doesn't mean i should or that it's a good idea.

    Test is king. Nothing can replace it in a cycle. Don't like the sides? Don't run stupid dosages. Let the other compound(s) do the work.
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    IDK how many times this question has been posed but I can’t think of one good reason WHY anyone would cycle wo at least including physiologic replacement doses of that which your body produces naturally -


    And those that are pushing alternatives
    often have a hidden agenda, involving blogs, web sites, PED or supplement sales.
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