Cycles from the 70's

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  1. primus

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    Any older fellas on here know first hand what some of the old school bodybuilders were using/dosing back in the day. With research you'll see d-bol, deca, test, primobolan. With some hear say on mentzer dosing up to 2+ grams a week on deca. Other stories of Arnold with a candy dish filled with d-bol and taking handfuls without counting,Among other things.
    Also are there any meso beasts who have a similar physique to that of the 70's and would you mind talking about your own cycle history and experience for educational purposes?
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  2. EazyE

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    Back in the 70s the boys stayed away from Test as there were no AI / estrogen blockers readily available. Many were scared of getting bitch tits and other sides from Test.

    Many used the famous dbol/deca stack. These guys also liked to add Primo to their cycle.

    It was not uncommon for some such as Arnold to use:

    Dbol 100mg/daily
    Deca 400mg/week
    Primo 800mg/week

    Duration: 20 weeks, taper up doses and taper down towards end of cycle

    Use Dbol at 40mg/daily as a bridge between pct - just stay on year round as PCT compounds did not exist

    All pharmacy grade gear back in the day.
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  3. RomanMVP

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    That's the key element right there. No bathtub garbage, just real pharmaceuticals.
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  4. AlienHuman

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    No test at all? Surely they would have been on amounts that avoided excessive aromatization, say <300 mg?
  5. AlwaysHungry

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    I know they werent use test at all but how did they fight limp dick from deca and dbol and bitch tits . Bitch tits with nolva ?! And they keeping up their test production using clomid or nolva while on cycle?
  6. primus

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    Thanks for the great response!
    Now would dbol deca only cause deca dick?
  7. Demondosage

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    Deca, dbol, primo, and some did use test depending on which gay doctor they were "friends with" who prescribed it. Small amounts though, Nubret used parabolin from France. When it came to gear Nubret was the one all the guys wanted to talk to. Most relied on pure genetics and shorter cycles to avoid sides from estrogen.
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  8. AlwaysHungry

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    IM going to run a 70’s cycle just to expirament
  9. primus

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    I'm tempted to do the same.
  10. Nela

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    please keep us updated
  11. Tmisatix

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    I know many people running deca only cycles and apparently, without test , you will suffer no deca dick. Deca aromatizes less than test but when you combine the two, it creates a super estrogenic environment which will cause the ED, major bloat, lethargy
    This may be why people claim prolactin spikes from deca when in reality its Just too much aromatization in general , with a small amount of progesterone or prolactin creating issues.

    Deca only = Somewhat hard yet not freaky dry look, nice look to physique, mass, etc. Also, pretty low on sides. Enough estrogen to support function but if you feel as you need more you can add dbol depending on how sensitive you are.
    As others mentioned , any compound can be used without test. Some people do well without test and prefer it, others hate it. Its all about experimentation.
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  12. Tmisatix

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    However, it seems most of these people end up adding at least a small dosage of test (150 or lower) to support function. That tells me something and makes me believe it may just be the best case scenario to keep a TRT dose.
  13. AlwaysHungry

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    That’s ! I’m going to run npp only with dbol and proviron for 6 weeks . But maybe I will include at least 50-100mg of test I don’t know yet. But I’m sure going to do a log if I go without test
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  14. Morefyah

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    That sounds like a terrible idea.
    Lol, proviron
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  15. AlwaysHungry

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    Have you ever used proviron?
  16. ironwill1951

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    we used proviron before their was clomid or armidex as an anti estrogenic.
    as a steroid it is useless , read the profile on it by bill phillips at the top of the page.

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  17. AlwaysHungry

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    I know I have used many times proviron in the past .
    It can be synergistic with nandrolone and dbol for 6 weeks and maybe I don’t need test but I’m going to have some prop and some cyp in hand just in case
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    Next up, how to live in a cave - because who needs progress?
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  19. Goingstronger

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    I wouldn’t go without at least 100mg test a week with whatever you add, at least to support the dozens of functions test is involved in to have your body function normaly.

    Depriving your body of test and thinking you are replacing it with dbol is like stopping drinking water because: « it’s fine, I have Coke »
  20. tenpoundsleft

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    Even worse actually, Coke and water do the same thing, you just get a lot of sugar with the Coke, which is another problem.

    More like, I don't need to use any rebar in that slab, I'll just use more concrete. Not a solid foundation.
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