cycling vs blast/cruise for life

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    I don't think anyone was really arguing with you haha. But when PinMeet said is accurate for a cruise and can then get your bloods done to see where your levels are. And 2g a week... Fuck I'd be breaking out everywhere that's overkill even for a blast IMO.
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    What pinmeetmeat said on dosage. Thats what they medically dose for trt. If gear is underdosed bump it get to normal range then.
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    First off we have to take care of the potency issue.

    Is your test up to par?

    If you haven't run bloods on it and established where it stands then your 2 grams may be more like 800mg or anywhere in between. It's critical you run labs on each order of test you bring in. Without these numbers your potentially getting screwed by the source and fooling yourself about what your injecting. If you need help understanding Scallys rule or advice on getting bloods pm me. As it's redundant to say the least. It also helps if you have a set of labs done on pharma gear to use as your benchmark.

    Now about the cruise.

    Most guys who are on trt will run normal reference ranges of tt when OFF cycle. Individual doses range from 100mg a week to upwards of 250. Some people are horrible responders. For the most part it's 100-200mg a week.

    I don't care for trt doses. So I cruise on 250mg a week. Which puts me at 2000tt. I like it there and I'm going to stay there. I get my host of side effects tho which by in large is acne.

    Cruising at higher doses ensures you keep and maintain muscle mass awarded on cycle. Now unless your a real beast 600mg a week cruise is fucking OVERKILL!!! I maintain 260-270 relatively low bf on my 250mg a week. Now I'm not going to lecture you. Do as you please. I know of others that are fine and cruise at a gram for 10+ years. Point is I know folks that smoked their whole life and died in their 80's at 2 packs a day. And of course their are folks who couldn't make it out of the 30's at a pace like that. Dying prematurely. Genetics man. They can be a bitch. At some point you also have to consider that very real factor if your going to cruise high. Everything has a price. Don't ya knowo_O
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    I am going to say exactly what everyone is thinking boston loyd is a total idiot and you are to for running 2 grams a week and no bloods. idiots like you are who keep boston loyd going...
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    Da fuck??? 125 and the very top end would be 200 and thats pushing it
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    If I wanted to hear from an asshole I would have farted.

    Im trying to keep this positive, it was my mistake to even reference Bostin but thanks for everyone who had good responses
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    thank you sir , I'm going to research more about the bloods and I agree 100% with what you're saying. dropping my test dose down right away. still new to this game kinda and I never really thought about getting blood work before when I started but now it's making more sense to me. I started low but I wasn't growing fast enough so I upped the dose. when I got acne I used isotretinoin for a month to clear it but it's starting to come back some. my anti estrogen control had to be switched to Letro to stop e2 sides. I guess I was just anxious to get big like a lot of us are, was willing to risk it. I'm still learning, bear with me everyone lol
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    Letro is pretty strong keep that e2 in check but be carefull so you dont crash it......not fun
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    Yes definitely I found that out the hard way when i took a lil too much.. crashed it like crazy, no sex drive and pissed off for a week. now I'm VERY careful with letro dosage. Although now that I'm dropping my test dose , I'm gonna switch back to aromasin
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    All I can say is pct sucks, so it's no wonder why some people want to blast and cruise. I have low natty test and just finished my first cycle a few weeks ago. The difference has been amazing. My sex drive, energy, muscle mass was through the roof and I know that's how I want to feel all the time. I am not however wanting to rely on test injections my whole life so I'm going to finish my pct and see where I'm at after. It is after all a LIFE decision.
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    It is a LIFE decision and you shouldn't make the decision to B/C unless you're sure whatever life throws at you you're going to keep lifting and stick with the lifestyle. Also be sure you can control yourself to not do any overly stupid shit that will land you in prison so you can't get your shots.
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    Some solid advice JB. Last week I talked a guy at my gym out of going down this road for the reasons you just stated.
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    For me the first few weeks suck of pct. I keep myself mindful that anything negative is pct related. Sometimes I get minor depression, loss of libido and a little strength lost, but its not bad at all for me. Around weeks 4 to 6 Im usually feeling back to normal, but thats just me.

    Ill blast and cruise till I can no longer, like JB said, better be damn sure thats a lifestyle you want. I know I will try and live this lifestyle forever, but I still have variables that could prevent that.
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    I appreciate everyone's thoughts and yes I understand it is a life decision. I'm a happy go lucky person so I've never had problems with anger or anything unless I drink and I haven't touched alcohol in a long time. took me ten years to figure out it affects me differently. I mostly spend my time in the gym which is my passion , along with meetings and sober friends. I don't take risks anymore , but yes that's a good point Johnny bout landing in jail where it's forced on you (e.g. Craig Titus)

    I'm comfortable with being on for life, I plan on getting trt script when I'm older.
    I started with just a cycle. the pct wasn't horrible, but I just felt like what's the point if I'm jumping back on soon. I know that might instigate people being like what you're stupid aren't u worried about blah blah. but for me , it makes sense. my goal isn't just to be big and strong. i believe in personal development , developing your physique as well as training your mind to be a better person. following through day after day with consistent efficient action: cooking your food, having it with you to eat on time, and training regularly. anyone can get in the gym after New Years with shiny shoes and a resolution that this time I'm going to stick with it. but I've learned that everyday is just another day, just another 24 hours with a sunrise and sunset.

    this is what I'm moving forward with from here for the next six weeks before cruising at 125 mg. I'm looking into the bloods just researching how much it will cost before I just go have it done, don't want to be surprised

    test 1 g a week.
    deca 300 a week
    maybe a lil masteron towards the end
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    Haha, 4 likes.
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    Tolerance to testosterone on a molecular level like receptor tolerance? No.

    But is that the only thing you are about? Tolerance to testosterone on the androgen receptor? What about cortisol? Myostatin? Lipids? Heart? Estrogen? aromatase inhibitor? Hematocrit? DHT? Neurotransmitters?

    Cruise on 150-200mg, it's more than what any other man can produce. No need to be x8 times the normal man's testosterone levels all year. That's just plain stupid unless you are trying to do something on a global level IMO!
    Am all for TRT and controlling your own testosterone levels but also in a way that minimizes your risks. What do you think 600mg will do vs 200mg?
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    I am not saying that Bostin is smart or stupid, however I google imaged him. He is big and he is on the global stage (?)

    Some people have different goals and ambitions.. I can't say one way or another, but maybe he is living his dream? For some it is worth dying early, get rich or die tryin' type of shit!
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    TRT isn't medically dosed at a certain range, it's individual. It should be at least, can take a year or two to get dialed in. :)

    Some guys need 400 mg/week because they have low SHBG.. Some are fine on hcg mono treatment...
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    It's not a life decision, Dr Scally makes a livin' off getting people off TRT lol.
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    Everyone jumped on bostin.... but I also mentioned Louie Simmons , do you fucks even know who that is?