Cyprus bust when picking up package at postal office

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    rrest for steroid possession

    A 43-year-old man from Nicosia was arrested on Wednesday for the alleged possession of steroids.

    The man was arrested when he went on Wednesday afternoon to pick up a package from the offices of a courier service. The drug squad had already been alerted of the arrival of the package and had been monitoring the shop, waiting for the man to pick it up. In the package were nine vials, each 10ml, with a substance believed to be steroids, as well as 50 tablets.

    During a search in the 43-year-old’s home, officers also located an open vial containing a substance believed to be steroids.

    Arrest for steroid possession - Cyprus Mail
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    sucks to be him
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    The story seems shady, no name, no place, no info.

    Never heard of the paper.
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    Is this another nothingburger like most things you post, @master.on ?
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    Did I write the news article myself?

    Despite missing most info,
    the article was interesting nonetheless
    as it was a really small bust but didn't mention if:
    A: It was spotted by X-rays
    B: Somebody tipped-off about the package. Maybe it was the source.

    B is scary as fuck.
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    OK thanks for clarifying.
  7. Cyprus is a looooong ways from home.
    Shitty situation to be in, but a part of me is glad to know that this didn't occur here in the states.
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    But we should not be complacent here even, as something like that CAN happen here. LE can stake out a PO to catch someone picking up a package there (controlled delivery comes to mind).
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