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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by hardgainer09, Dec 4, 2007.

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    hardgainer09 Junior Member

    i just recently got this d-ball and i know its legit cause i'm getting gains but my buddy is taking the exact same stuff and not noticing anything. they are 25 mg tabs taking one a day. i would tell him to take 2 a day but when i take mine (one a day) i get a serious enough pump and it kills my back. he's eating 5 times a day with 2 protein shakes a day as well. i don't really know what to tell him anymore exact to take 2 pills/day.
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    Cory W.

    Cory W. Junior Member

    Something isnt right with diet and or exercise. Could be lack of sleep.

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    hardgainer09 Junior Member

    Well he told me he eats good, 3 large meals, 2 small ones, and 2 shakes....but he does have a stressful job and has a family. so sleep could be palying a role, i'll ask and get back to ya.
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    Mr Wiggly

    Mr Wiggly Junior Member

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    perseverance Junior Member

    if i'm understanding you correctly both of y'all are taking one 25mg pill of d-bol a day. well besides only doing dbol being a bad idea, 25mg is a very small dose. it only equates to 175 mg a week. you need to add test to the cycle and get a pct together or else you're going to quickly lose the gains that you do get
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    prodigy06 Junior Member

    try b-ball :D
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    hardgainer09 Junior Member

    well i've taken d-ball before by itself and got some great gains and kept most of them. right now i'm seeing the same. as for my buddy i convinced him to stack the ball with some test prop, so i guess we will take it from there. thanks for the help and advice
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    unt0ld Junior Member


    Bro i bet your taking this "d-ball" without nothing nothing about what you need to take when you come off of the "d-ball"

    Do some research into post cycle therapy PLEASE!!!!
    and read up on hcg PLEASEEE!!! Do yourself a BIG favor.

    I hope it works out for you and you have no regrets..
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    mr.nitro Member

    I never had much results with dianabol. I got the side effects and some water retention, but other than that, I think the stuff is garbage.
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    perseverance Junior Member

    before anyone makes anymore stabs at it, it's dbol not "d-ball":) no big deal
    dbol is known for fairly quick strength and weight gains, however most of the weight gained is from water due to the fact that dbol converts fairly easily to estrogen. this is usually lost once the user stops taking it. i'm not saying that you haven't made any gains, but usually this is what happens. also, because it converts to estrogen so easily you're at risk of side effects like gyno. i'm just letting y'all know that taking dbol by itself, with no ancilliaries, and no pct is not a very good idea, no matter what gains you believe you are getting.
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    dennis Member

    I am not a big dianabol fan either bro's.....he is on the right track taking the test cyp..have him take 100 mgs eod for 8 -10 weeks...how long has he been taking the dbol ?
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    hardgainer09 Junior Member

    he has been taking one pill for about one week, he has 50 pills left. i'm getting him some prop within the next week to stack to see how that treats him.
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    hardgainer09 Junior Member

    I'm just using it to get strong and it's working i'm already at the weight i wanna be at but i understand i'll gain some water weight but that's problem to lose when i'm done. i have nova in case of gyno. when i come off of cycles, no matter how i do pct, i always keep my strength gains. i love it!!.
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    dennis Member

    You will be amazed at what the prop does for him...bet after you see that you will get some for yourself !
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    hardgainer09 Junior Member

    HAHAHA. well i have done a cycle like that before and blew up. but just maybe i will have to get some again :)
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    swelty Junior Member

    8-10 weeks is to long for dbol and just about any oral. bump the dosage up to 50mgs everyday and he should gain weight with no problems at all. couple years ago i put twenty lbs on easy with a simular cycle. i usually use dbol to kickstart my bulking cycle.
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    novicebb Member

    I agree with Perseverance. The point is that everyone is different and some can respond greatly to very small dosages where others need more to respond. Also I think the fact that you said that he has a very stressful job could have some effects as well.

    Just too many variables to mention that could be the cause. I mean if this is your first time ever cycling or taking Methandrostenolone(dbol) then you could respond way more then someone who has cycled for years and taken dbol many times. Maybe his hormonal system is out of whack or many other possible causes for him not responding like you are.
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    ffrreeaakk Junior Member

    even if his training and diet are off he should still be gaining water weight. 25mgs is a very small dose though. he should bump it up to at least 50mgs. d-ball takes a little longer to kick in with some people. tell him to give it at least 7-10 days.
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    novicebb Member

    Well the guy wasn't specific. Just said his buddy isn't noticing anything. He could have gain a bit of water rentention but not noticing any of the other benefits from Dbol like the mood brightner, the strength or muscle gains. Also since hardgainer didn't really state if he and his buddy are taking any ancillaries then if they are maybe that would explain why very little if any water weight is being gained on only 25mg dbol per day.

    And also it is very rare but it does exist that some people just don't respond.

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