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    I challenged the fact that it isn't necessary to take numerous different anabolic steroids to get great results. First of i am an experienced bodybuilder that has taken many different types of anabolic steroids all but hgh . My challenge was the following .. I would great results with a great diet lots of exercise correctly done and ONLY using Dinabol 10 mg - 15mg a day this is the following chart .

    1)WEEK -- 10 mg a day for 7 days
    2)WEEK -- 15 MG a day for 7 days
    3)--8th week 15 mg a day for those weeks everyday
    9) WEEK -- 10 mg a day for that week
    10)Week --- 5 mg a day for 7 days

    During this experiment i gained 23 lbs very lean muscle .
    Along with plenty of Water and other supplements ( in this case i drank whey protein from Wal-mart not the highest quality by far but i put there protein and casein to the test. Rigorous Cardio helped keep ripped .

    I found that even an experienced juicer like myself can get great results with just takin one supplement and reality is although of course you will get perhaps even double the results in stacking certain products , i found that with something simple and a game plan you can get amazing results ][​IMG]
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    Looking very swolle brother! Good job! I am a big fan of Dianabol and great believer in Dianabol only cycles.

    What kind of Dianabol did you use? Did you get blood work done? When did you take your dosages?
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    This time i used [​IMG] I used this brand i believe Thai British Dispensary online , I got em shipped from Romania , before that i used the pink ones and some Romanian ones Naposim by Terapia 5mg but Naposim in my opinion was not very good, not to mention the low mg. the one thing i do like about the Naposim by Terapia D-bol Brand is that it does have a lot number , to me i like to trace Pharmaceuticals ,. As far as Blood test goes during the period i was on the D-bol experimental cycle i did not go for a blood test although i did suffer from some occasional high blood pressure during that period . I happened to believe that it was the lower economical supplements ( Wal-mart brand of whey and casein proteins ) may of played a vital role in raising the blood pressure. There was a significant amount of sodium content compared to my regular High quality whey at the time , One of my experiments Factors was " Can someone get a cycle on a budget and yet at the same time retain a good amount of gain and results " ? And it IS possible .. Although i feel that there might of been better results with higher quality supplements . My blood pressure has since been back to normal .
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    lookin great bro!
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    Very interesting. I am also a big fan of Dianabol. Many use this for their first cycle and it has it's place in your heart afterward lol. Glad things went well that is very encouraging. DId you take the Dianabol all at once or split it up throughout the day. Since you were not taking Test how did you feel? Did you feel like you had low test at certain points throughout the day?
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    What I would do is split them during the day. Morning time. and then again perhaps in the afternoon one hour prior to working out. Between 5 hours in between both dosages. But an incredible diet along with other important factors.
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    how should i do pct if i am using Dianabol 20mg per day... is nolva and clomid necessary?? plz xplain the pct cycle...