Daily Log to 2019 Show Season

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    Hey guys,

    Been here for about a week and have so far thoroughly enjoyed the forum.

    Considering putting in the effort to keep a daily log here as I hit an offseason growth period and move in to show season in 2019 covering my diet, training, and gear.

    This won’t be a how-to guide on how to compete; that’s impossible to write. I’m not a pro but I am competing with what i think, given my progress, is a reasonable goal of becoming one. My training/gear/diet are not by any means extreme, overly interesting, or devised by an evil genius. However, in the YouTube/social media era, I think most info out there is un-backed bullshit anyway.

    I also think the social media age has ruined true competition with the filtered photos, undeserving sponsored athletes, and everyone telegraphing their next move. This might be a great, more protected place for me to discuss and converse with likeminded folk without the sinkhole that is IG.

    Hopefully this provides value to some members and hopefully I learn some things from the group we have and their comments here as well.
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    Awesome, definitely will follow along!
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    Subbed a f
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    Ok then. Guess we’ll start today. Hitting the gym now; will post the workout and then current stats, diet, and gear to get it rolling. Hopefully one of the sources here becomes my regular and it can be some soft proof of the potency. Working that now.
  6. subbed :cool:
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    Have you been using a source from here?
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    Negative. But my normal sources seem to be drying up. And you guys absolutely wreck lives when sources are shit so I’m excited to get a connection here.
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    I’m in. I appreciate you doing this.
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    Here we go. Going to keep each post to one specific topic (daily training, diet change, gear, etc) so this is easier to read, search, and quote. So here’s today’s training.

    50 pull-ups - in as many sets as necessary w/ 30sec rest - 4 sets of 15/15/12/8
    Smith machine Yates Rows 4 sets total with 3 buildup sets to one max set @ 135/225/315x12/365lbsx7
    Underhand pulldowns 3x12 @ 150/180/210lbs
    Flite AKA best row machine ever (photo attached) single hand rows a 4x12/12/12/8 @ 1/2/2.5/3 plates per side
    Wide grip pulldowns 3x15 @ 165lbs
    Rack pulls by plate (5 sets) to 495lbs of 10/10/10/10/3

    Also incorporated my newly acquired titan grips (pictured) which I’ll be using to alter grip angles (both for muscle targeting and saving my wrists as applicable).

    Included a snap from today. Won’t whore this up with selfies but will add them occasionally to show progress as my weight (hopefully) climbs.

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    Current diet:
    Macros are roughly 500/500/120 (~5300 cals) with protein and fats distributed evenly over 8 total meals (2 of which are a post workout shake and pre-bed shake) and carbs focused AM and around training.

    Protein is obviously sky high. It’s my first time going this high and is the result of new coaching (working with an IFBB Olympian). I typically would have hovered at 300g protein, resulting fats, and driven carbs sky high. Is the 500g necessary? No. But I am growing and staying lean. *shrug*

    I prefer not to post stuff broken down by meal as it is the effort of the individual who is helping me. When I am through to my own offseason diet I will absolutely post meal by meal.

    I bet there’s lots of questions here; feel free to ask here or PM.
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    Not sure if anybody has asked this but what is your cycle?
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    Was just getting to that but had to feed my son. This part may surprise people.

    I am on week 12 of coasting at 250mg of Test E per week w/ aromasin as needed 12.5mg or so per week.

    I am on week 6 of 3iu/day of gH (with none of off days which is anywhere from every 4th to every 8th day).

    This is my first time using gH. I coasted so long because I was hiring a coach and didn’t want to be tied up with my hormonal situation, so coasting seemed appropriate. I am firing up my offseason bulk cycle in the next week or two and will post details as well. Most likely sust/deca/dbol but undecided dosing.
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    Recent blood panel, CBC w/ differential for those interested. Reds are sort of expected.

    Plan to do a hormone panel before blast and 6 weeks in.

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  16. So far this thread is awesome. Very informative and appreciate you being as open as you are about sharing your journey with us.

    The Flite Row Machine is top 3 for back. Next favorite is Hammer Strength ISO Row.

    Have hella size on your frame right now. Look forward to seeing you get peeled down the road !!
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    Subbed for sure, very informative so far. Welcome by the way.
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    Almost getting time to donate some blood brother.
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    Yeah, I did right after. These were several weeks ago.
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    I like you already. Subbed big boy!! Kill it
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