Dallas Mcarver cycle of demise

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  1. TorroXL

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    Any thoughts? By no means am I saying this 100% accurate. Just wanted thoughts on it. tapatalk_1531166465262.jpeg
  2. gear shef

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    13.5g per week in androgens alone...

    We’ll never no. But I call BS
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  3. TorroXL

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    I'm wondering if there is any validity to it.
  4. TorroXL

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    Your in Europe correct?
  5. gear shef

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    I’ve never met anyone personally who’s done even half that. I’ve never known personally anyone his size either tho.
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  6. Breakneck

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    Wasn't his test levels showing him to be thought by some to be on something like at least 5-7+ grams of gear a week?

    His test levels were 550 ng/ml

    550ng/ml = 55,000 ng/dl

    So is that cycle in question in range for this test level amount?
    It said he was pos for tren but didn't list the concentration.
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  7. bonacris

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    Looks like it was screenshot from getbig so I would take it with a pinch of salt but I genuinely wouldn't be surprised anmore.
  8. legendary

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    Unreal if true. Wtf
  9. Eman

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    Looks like clickbait... Also looks like something you'd see on that board.

    DM didn't need that much gear to grow.
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  10. Test_Subject

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    I highly doubt that anyone would last more than a week on that amount of orals.

    You'd be pissing black coffee.
  11. joesmoke

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    I wonder what that would cost. Wow.
  12. Evom1

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    Many people including Palumbo have done videos on this. It's called the death cycle and was supposedly written by Chad Nichols if I recall correctly
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  13. legendary

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    Nasser/ Dead
    Youngblood/ Dead
    Wheeler/ Kidney Transplant
    Prince/ Kidney Transplant
    Long/ No Kidneys

    Coleman almost died, passed out and put in a bath tub full of ice the day before the Olympia.

    Dallas faints on stage then pukes back stage and has seizure.

    Common Thread:
    Trainer/ Guru Chad Nichols
  14. ickyrica

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    Lol, good grief. That's the guy you don't put on retainer!

    I'm inspired. I'm going to use a gram of npp ew my next cycle! Crazy days for icky
  15. Evom1

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    At least he's responsible with arimidex and t3 lol

    2400mg of tren a week! Um keep the Arimidex at 1mg eod tho man, that stuffs dangerous
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  16. Oldschool

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    Shit i hate pinning M,W F. Dude was pinning or popping something all day long if that was his cycle. Crazy doses!

    Hope you have things going your way Frank. Nice to have you back.
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  17. TorroXL

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    Ty brutha. Thank you all for your input on this
  18. Jankauskas

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    I believe it
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  19. TorroXL

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    Gotta be some validity to.it
  20. Wunderpus

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    I would believe the insulin and GH, to be honest. The other stuff, meh...
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