Dallas McCarver Autopsy Report.

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    Wow and only 26!!
  3. gr8whitetrukker

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    Seems like the perfect genetic storm. A family history of heart problems and excessive steroid use. Some thing we all should fear. Interesting the cause of death wasnt "choking". It was heart disease
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    His heart weighed in at 163 grams over Rich's.

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    By the looks of the report, he was in much worse shape than Rich and 20years younger
  6. mands

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    He also had by the looks of it early stages of cancer in his thyroid.

  7. MindlessWork

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    Ouch, that kid's really had it worse than Rich...and he had so much going for him till he dropped :(

    The bb lifestyle's hard yet fraught with risk.
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    Damn that is sad. So young smh.
  9. Hawkins

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    Anyone know how long he had been involved in the lifestyle? Couldn't have been too awful long, only being 26...
  10. gr8whitetrukker

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    Said he started BB at 19. Turned pro at 21
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    Not my area of expertise and maybe my friend Doc could answer...@DrJIM...all these contributing factors are listed yet the Manner of Death is "Natural". That doesn't make the factors listed speculation, correct? Just means he wasn't a homicide or suicide victim? The last is definitely a question and not a statement. Thanks in advance Doc.
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    It's a shame that Dallas died so young however, I think there are a lot of bodybuilders and gym rat AAS users in general that can take something away from this. Easy to say, "it won't happen to me." Dallas probably said the same thing.
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    Many folk misunderstand the purpose of a Medical Examiners

    Bottom line the primary function of an ME is define the cause of an UNEXPECTED death into TWO broad categories; “natural” or “un-natural”

    NATURAL causes include a variety of DYSFUNCTIONAL PHYSIOLOGIC processes, in which death may result or is deemed a reasonable outcome based upon KNOWN factors, the majority being based upon the autopsy itself or ancillary studies.

    Salient “natural causes” include ailments such as; strokes, heart attacks, pulmonary embolus etc.

    Other less obvious causes of a “natural” death include DRUG abuse, sepsis, shock etc.

    However bc the standard varies considerably among jurisdictions and ME’s, cardiopulmonary arrest is often listed as the “natural” cause of death once “un-natural” etiologies have been ruled out.

    UN-NATURAL ME listings almost always involve circumstances in which an environmental agent or behavior was THE inciting event which led to an individual’s demise and include; Suicide, Homicide.

    Finally unless their exam reveals clear and convincing evidence of a proximate causation, some MEs will list “indeterminate”, as the cause of death.

    The intent is to preserve whatever evidence exists until a latter date, enabling LE, technological advances or historical data etc to definitively determine causation.

    Hope that helps.

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    I haven't thought about what you bring to meso in quite some time, Doc, or for that matter the Community. I was checking out a questionable source the other evening and came across a discussion about the testing going on here at meso. They were giving you the business, Doc. I had stopped in and made a post I had forgotten about. I left after making it. This was the first time i had been back after making the post a few months earlier.
    I made the post and had tempered it with some bullshit about the board having some respected members knowing I was going to be jumped for repping the board they fear...that's right...they can say what they want about meso but the fact is we're a threat to their wallets. The truth has a way of finding the light.
    The meatheads were doing their best to try and discredit you. Then I realize why I haven't seen the good Doc...he's putting in work. He's been doing the unenviable job of taking on a machine. It's one helluva machine. It's the long running generic gh money maker that has been running long and hard.
    I read on and the thread had a long time member of promuscle and a few newer guys taking turns insulting us and patting each other on the back. They said they couldn't understand why Dr Jim was so involved...why he was so passionate. I found myself feeling that old fire I hadn't felt in quite some time. I was angry. It was clear why the men were involved in this discussion. They were part of the machine. They stood to lose money if what Dr Jim says is heard and believed by regular members looking for quality GH.
    One of the men in the discussion said that Dr Jim is looked upon as a God by members of meso. I could see the condescension dripping off the words in the post. He said that Dr Jim was a friend of mine and perhaps I could convince the Doc to make an appearance. Funny thing, it was as if the Doc was already there. He makes quite an impression.
    Finally, someone suggested that a guy as fiercely passionate and consistent as the Doc has to be on the take. The longtime member, after reading that slanderous nonsense, backed off some. The idiot unknowingly opened the door a bit more and let that light shine on the truth. You see, that longtime member knows he can't have it both ways. I was reading an endless thread that was carried over from the mother board of the scam. A dozen or so men had been insulting meso and one of its respected members in page after page talking up the instruments used to gather proceeds of the scam...promuscle generic gh sources. Talk about passion....if i or the Doc or any other threat to the Gravy Train had been within arms reach we would have taken our last breaths that night right there on that forum. Sure...they've nothing to lose...gimme a break.
    I want to thank Dr Jim along with @mands for the work they do. Thanks guys. Thanks for continuing to show up for the battle and for volunteering for the front line. Cheers.
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  15. gr8whitetrukker

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    I think its a pretty generic take away from all this. Genetics work both ways. McCarver had terrible hereditary heart conditions he either was ignorant to or knew about but proceeded anyway. That mixed with AAS was the damn perfect recipe to put him down for the count. I cant fault the guy. Could be any of us. But especially those of us that KNOW of heart conditions within our own family tree should take caution. Its a gamble and we should all be aware of that.
    163 grams is roughly the size and weight of a medium sized potato. Now considering McCarver was only 26 at the time of his death and by all sources had likely been using AAS since he was 19 makes it more shocking. Rich Piana had been using steroids and the like for 30 yrs. He died at 46. Rich was open about his massive AAS abuse. The difference between the two men? McCarver probably should of never been involved in this lifestyle due to underlying genetic factors
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    Sad. Seems like maybe he had an arrhythmia or something? I wonder if his collapse at The Arnold was the first event...? Nonetheless, a GREAT example to all that you are not invincible, and should regularly get physicals and, if necessary, visit a cardiologist. Another example of that is the early stages of a thyroid tumor that he had, obviously he had no idea....
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    Rich also did not have a disease that could kill him by his 40s anyway.
  18. Wunderpus

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    I still kinda of side with Palumbo that there was some fuckery going on with the autopsy report (Rich's).... No tox screening? Come on.
  19. janoshik

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    I don't know much about that, it's different around here.

    But I recall seeing some snaps from Richs videos, where he was lobster colored. High BP and hematocrit are deadly combo.

    You can get a thrombus/thrombemboly any second and it can dissolve/move away when you are past the point of no return.
  20. Wunderpus

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    His ex wife posted a video of him CLEARLY fucked up on opiods (or something similar).... It was quite sad, and honestly, gross of her to do. Nonetheless, it further indicates that the ME should've performed tox screening... I would be shocked to find out he died from anything besides an OD.... Remember, first reports from his GF were that he "passed out and hit his head during a haircut..." Well, sounds to me like he did a line of oxy, got a haircut and passed out, hitting his head on the way down. Not to mention first responders noted lines of drugs with a rolled up dollar bill next to them... I'm no genius, but, I can put those pieces together pretty easily...
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