Dallas McCarver... DEAD!?

Discussion in 'Bodybuilding Forum' started by Wunderpus, Aug 22, 2017.

  1. Wunderpus

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    "BREAKING NEWS: According to several highly credible sources, we sadly report that Dallas McCarver passed away a few hours ago. We are awaiting further details (as they are mixed) but we can confirm that Dallas is no longer with us."

    WOW! Dallas is my favorite of this generation's mass monsters... HOW SAD!

    upload_2017-8-22_7-11-37.png ..
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  2. Dude ! I just read this I am sooo sad
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  3. colossus25

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    I literally was coming on here to post just this. Fucking awful especially to such a nice kid. But tbh many have been speculating on his health for a few months now, he was definitely part of the more is more school....
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  4. MindlessWork

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    Damn. This kid is a fast rising star in bb'ing and this is so rough to hear.

    RIP Dallas.
  5. Just read from too much insulin ... had a blood clot
  6. LordSamuilo

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    Yeah I just saw this I was wondering if it was fake but I just saw the post from RX muscle and its definitely legit ... Sad sad shit ... Plus , Now everyone and there mother will start preemptively blaming the PEDs without a clue what really happened ... Not saying it was or wasn't ped related but it'll just be another reason for people too demonize it further ..bad all the way around and bad for bodybuilding in general smh !
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  7. Vlad Tepes

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    Exactly. Folks on different forums/YouTube are already posted by the numbers

    "Don't do steroids, kids" "It was probably from the massive amounts of drugs he was on"

    Without even knowing any real details
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  8. colossus25

    colossus25 Member

    I know from people inside his circle that he ran very high amounts of gear. Right now its being speculated that it was from slin.
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  9. Dw725

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    Was just about to post , then checked new posts to see if anyone else had.

    Way too young.
  10. Xlgx

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    On another board they said he choked on food/pills
  11. DrinkFlintWater

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    Oh wtf
  12. Kinetic

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    My old workout buddy just forwarded me the article from RX Muscle. That's fucked up. I was looking forward to seeing him compete again at next year's Mr. O. :(
  13. gr8whitetrukker

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    Slin huh? Damn
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  14. Yeah his trainer had posted about it...
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  15. Desibaba

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    RIP. Way too young
  16. Wunderpus

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    Awfully quick to actually know the cause.... Seems unlikely that we will know for some time, unless it was something traumatic like a car crash.
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  17. Wunderpus

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  18. I saw his trainer post something on a forum I follow...
  19. Wunderpus

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    Well, if you find it, post it up please. I can't find anything about that....
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  20. I'm actually trying to send it to you now give me a second