Dang...which mg?

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    Well, i got some Winstrol tabs last year and i didn't label them......yea I know, i know. Big novice mistake.....but also didn't want it found either...you get it.
    Now can't remember if they are 5mg tabs or 10mg tabs. Getting ready to start a 6 week cycle, so I took a tab this morning. Shoot, it could 20mg or 30mg for all I know...LOL. Although I don't think they make 30mg do they?
    I can post a pic of them (forgot to take a pic this AM for this post), but they are not imprinted with anything either. They are white and round. Will post a pic later. Doubt someone can look at it and know which mg they are LOL. I get it, cuz so many ppl make it, etc.
    My point is, would someone even make a 30mg tab?
    Thanks in advance, and i'll slap myself silly for all of you. i should know better, I know.
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    @BovaJP my best advice to you is to advise you to send off a tablet to @Analyzer and let him test one of your tablets. As a woman it is very important for you to know what and how much you are taking.
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    Yes, I've heard of 50mg tabs as well.

    Don't you have any leftover info from where you got them, how much you took before maybe?
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    Thanks @Eman . Unfortunately no. This is actually my first time taking them. We think they are either 5mg or 10mg. We wouldn't have bought 50mg. Knowing that I was going to do 10-15mg/day. So the likelihood is that they are either 5 or 10mg. I know, rookie mistake here.....(slap slap).
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    Considering even if you knew the labeled dosage you still could never be 100% sure that it isn't under-dosed or over-dosed.

    If it was me this would probably be one of the few times I would taper up on my cycle.

    Start with a small dose for a week, (can't remember winny's halflife but I know it's short) judge your sides, then up the dose each week until it feels right.

    Edit: safest bet of course would be to just give it to your man, and buy some new stuff for yourself.
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    Do you remember where you bought them? Maybe contact them and see what mg they offer. Or send off to @Analyzer
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