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    How many of you know about it? How many of you use it? Also are you guys aware of bodybuilding related forums in the depths of the web?
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    Yes. There is a whole alternative world down there. An alternative Meso. I call that bb69 "Bizzarro Ben". He's the crash test dummy of that Meso,
    After bitcoin suffered the bad press(u know, when the darknet founder was busted?)there was a time when bags with cash needed to be delivered to buy gear and GH. Guess who wanted to be cool? That's right, Bizzarro BB69.
    Not like he had a choice. BB69 was pressed by the unofficial Lord of Meso,....Scott/tilly/gearusing. Bizzarro shit.
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    Lol I have done my fair share of Lucy but man what you just wrote is straight out of David Lynch movie kinda thing. Bizarre indeed. Looking forward.
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    I have tons of articles on darknet. There is alot of positives free speach fourms and also to find things. But there are negatives child photography and terrorist. and alot of disgusting things. There are places hidden deeper in dark web that only some know. It all depends how far the rabbit hole you wanna go.
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    The Dark Web is like the Matrix...it's deeper and darker than you think.
    I remember Scott aka Tilltheend...he was one totally bizarro cat so bet he runs some scam sites on the Dark net
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