Dave Palumbo in Mexico

Discussion in 'Steroid Pictures Forum' started by Notits, Dec 23, 2014.

  1. Notits

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    I would be dead if I lived in Mexico... And they would have to bury me in a extra wide casket...
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  2. cyclone268

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    man that pharmacist was hilarious. "ohhh yaaa i love it!!!"..LOL
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  3. dper726

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    This is why we probably lack mexican international members
  4. Manny

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    I watch this the other night it was hella funny
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  5. big boi

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    Is that a Dragon Pharma box he pics up when they are behind the pharmacy.
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  6. kaizoku

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    Damn it I was just down in Mexico and tried looking for that oxyflux clen at every farmacia I walked past but no one had any.

    My girl came back to the hotel with a bottle of that Omega Lab garbage and I wanted to go back and punch the pharmacist in the mouth for selling her junk.
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  7. Blacken

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    Hot latin girls and not a ton of government regulation why do I live in the US again ; ;
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  8. mission2

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    Going to Mexico in about a month for a 1 week vacation. Should be interesting lol
  9. Blacken

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    Watched Dusk Till Dawn this shit made me laugh, besides gear apparently they have lots of...
  10. Oregonstrong

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    Great video @Notits!!! Dave Palumbo is hilarious.
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  11. Xlgx

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    Dp is pure entertainment. Always listen to his radio show :)
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  12. bdg77

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    I freakin love this video. Brings back old memories. Except T.J. isn't really that nice or even a safe place for that matter. There are a lot of pharmacies down there pretty much like the one in video. Some will send you to some "Dr." and make you pay an extra $100 bucks for a script. I've heard if you go a little deeper into mexico you can get stuff cheaper than T.J. Someone told me to keep some extra cash (couple hund) in your sock so if the policia harass you, you can get them off your back, maybe? Every member should watch this video it's awesome. Kind of annoys me when a chick has arms that give me comp, but that just demonstrates the effectiveness of aas. And she still looks feminine enough where it looks like she knows what she's doing. Not giving herself a chemical sex change like some of these women.
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  13. Ozzy619

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    I live next door to TJ, literally a 5 min drive. Its extremely easy to get anything over there and some farmacias will write you a script right then and there. The problem is crossing it back over and me being to lazy to get my passport. Great video.
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  14. Millard Baker

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    Well, you could go on a huge steroid cycle completely legally by just going across the border every weekend to purchase and administer, theoretically-speaking of course. ;)
  15. Ozzy619

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    Youre absolutely right. My wife got her boob job down there from a family friend who is a doctor and he cycles as well. He told me anytime I wanted he could hook me up, but Id have to go every week. I might do this if I get a passport card. Without a passport it takes between 2 and 5 hours to cross over by foot. Ill stop being lazy and will apply for the passport, besides they have some damn good seafood spots down there.
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  16. bdg77

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    Wow that is close. I hear ya about the passport thing. I really don't feel like spending $200 for a passport I may not even use. I'm guessing that even if you live as close as San Diego you can prob find it. But with demand so high less and less makes it much further north.
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  17. Ozzy619

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    Ill just get the passport card for land crossings. I think its like 60 bucks only or something like that.
  18. bdg77

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    No shit, I gotta get on that. I think I saw it being 200 at post office. I must be mistaken. I've never really looked into it that seriously. I think it's just a good thing to have in general. Why wait for the time you want to take a vacation and then have to deal with it.
  19. Bighead101

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  20. Watch out though.
    I went to mex two weeks ago and now whenever you try to exchange money they have to ID you and put you into a system and shit to pretty much track your money spent there.
    My suggestion don't exchange your money at all and just pay with US $
    You might get fucked a couple of bucks but it's worth not having to be in a Mexican computer system.