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    Hi all. I don't post much here, mostly a lurker. But wanted to double/triple check my understanding of the dosage of this here liquid clen i have (let's not debate pill vs liquid though LOL).
    So my bottle i have is 200mcg/ml. I have attached a pic of an oral syringe i have that is 1ml oral syringe.
    So if i fill up the syringe, it would be 200mcg of clen. DON"T WORRY not gonna do that, follow me with this logic lol.....
    And if the sryinge is filled halfway at "0.5ml", then that would be 100mcg of clen.
    Then this would also mean that "0.25ml", would be 25mcg of clen, correct?

    I want my dose to be 20mcg, so would that mean "0.2ml", would be 20mcg of clen? Is that correct?

    I'm being really careful here and I don't want to mess with guessing games, etc. I am very, very particular about dosages and such.

    Thank you advance for any help in the above situation.

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    Your syringe is going to be dosed in 20mcg increments.
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    1ml = 200mcg
    Half of that (1/2ml or 0.5ml) = 100mcg
    Half of that (1/4ml or 0.25ml) = 50mcg

    See where I'm going? A direct answer to your question as @Eman said is you want 0.1ml =20mcg

    0.1ml is 1/10 of 1ml.

    1ml = 200mcg
    200 divided by 10 = 20
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    @BovaJP definitely watch it with that stuff... If you've ever weighed out any raws or powder before, you'll know how small an increment of mcg is.

    The sources do 200mcg/ml because they can't measure much lower.

    Basically, I don't trust their capabilities. I have some RC clen and I take a tiny amount and it has me shaking like a leaf. I got it for free though.

    Always check prices because pharma clen is often pretty cheap.
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    Fuck man, for me it would be hard to trust someone else to measure out my mcg.

    Is clen water soluable? Is it a solution or a suspension??
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    I've only seen solution.
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    Well that's probably a good thing
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    Lol true. I am using it now... Although I really don't like clen much.

    What's really stupid is the vial comes with a little stopper in it. I put the smallest amount in it and put on my tongue and that's ALL I need lol.
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