Dbol 50mg capsules how to split them?

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  1. I have 50 50mg dbol capsules. So far I have taken 1 50mg capsule per day, but I heard 50mg per day of dbol is too high for a first timer. I started taking dbol yesterday, Thursday at 50mg and my second dosage was today, friday, at 50mg.

    I am also on Test 600mg and I am not taking anything else.

    How can I split the capsules apart? Also is AI a must on dbol? I heard dbol aromatizes a lot and I don't have any AI on me at all. I was just thinking of dropping the dbol until I figure out how to split the capsules and until I have some aromatase inhibitors. What do you guys recommend that I do?
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    So for the AI it depends from person to person. For example my buddy was on test 500 a week and dbol ED and didn’t need AI but I need AI on just test. So you really gotta feel it out but if you don’t have any AI go get some. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. As for splitting, depends if it’s a pressed pill or one filled with shit in it. If it’s pressed then just cut it in half. But most of the time it’s in a plastic like pill that you can open but unless you more empty pills and a good scale, I’d just take the whole thing and feel it out
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    Caps are near impossible, tabs are easy. I am sure someone knows a way. My caps are generally the amount I need or smaller multiples. Example my drol caps are 25mg, my var are 10mg.
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  4. Ok so I took dbol 50mg again today, saturday, and ran a mile. Usually I run 1.5 miles for cardio but my back cramped up too much after a mile.

    So I am thinking I need to drop the dosage to 20mg or 30mg but then I would need to figure out how to split the capsule in half. It's not a pressed pill it's a capsule with powder inside. So idk how to split it.

    Maybe I should just take 50mg eod but i heard that's not how you dose dbol. The gear is working great actually it's just the pumps are too much for what I wanna accomplish
  5. Yeah that's what I gotta do in the future but my source only has 50mg caps I need to figure out how to split them somehow
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    The quick and easy method is to open the cap and pour it into your favorite liquid (water even), shake it up, then drink half the liquid. This will be close enough to a 25mg dose. Shake and repeat the following day for the other 25mg.
  7. That's a good idea. i was going to suggest opening the capsule. Assuming both pieces are about the same size, measure till you have even amounts in both sides.

    Then tip one into your mouth, chase it down with water, then recap the remaining half and swallow that down for the next dose.
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    Go to Walmart and buy a digital ring or food scale that that measure to the 0.01g. They are $20 and that will help you measure out the correct dosage, I literally bought one yesterday for a similar purpose
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    The easiest way to do this is pull the top off of the capsule and pour the powder out onto a sterile surface. Just wipe down whatever surface your using first with some 70% or higher rubbing alcohol. Once you pour all of the powder out use a credit card or something similar to split the powder into two equal piles. Just eye ball it and that should give you roughly 2 25mg servings. Just throw the powder into your mouth and wash it down with some water. To save the remaining 25mg you can try to get it back into the capsule or find another way to store it.
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    Part of me thought that you were leading up to suggesting that he rail his dbol.

    This is Meso after all.
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    A part of me thought the same lol
  12. I did that as well. I mean you're still gonna take the other half at some point that day usually since 50mg is the average daily dose that most take during cycle so who cares if one dose that day is 20 and the other is 30mg.

    The other thing I did was bought empty capsules online and then visually emptied one into two by opening up one and evenly dumping into two empty capsules.
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    I usually slap mine real good with my bear grills machete
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    You could get the piles more accurate with your eyes than with a .01g scale

    .01g = 10mg increments, op needs 25mg, something it doesn't measure
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    My caps are quite full, not much of an air gap. I either just pour it out, split and put in water or I just cut the cap in half. After cutting the cap in half i have measured each side afterwards and it's always equal. Just turn the cap sideways, tap it so the powder levels out, squeeze the cap to compress powder and then cut it. Nothing falls out after I cut it since I compressed it... maybe a little rudimentary but does the job? Meh, works for me... as mentioned above, I take the other half later in the day so either way it's not a big deal if it's slightly off.
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    Smoking tren and snorting dbol it’s the MESO way
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    Yup, have done this many times, Bada Bing, Bada Boom.
  18. Damn straight! You ain't hardcore if you ain't down with the meso way!
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