Dbol and Cholesterol

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    My cholesterol is way out of wake...

    I been running 300mg Sust every 7 to ten days
    for about 5 weeks and 200mg tren E maybe 3 times
    within that spread out... I took a shot of 300 Sust and 200 Tren
    about 10 days before my bloodwork and my LDL is something
    like 375 and HDL is .. or rather was 21. Pretty good huh ;)

    I know it's not the Tren cause I have way too much experience
    with that and plus the dose was so low. I was running Dbol every
    day pretty much through that whole 5 weeks at 50mg sometimes 75mg
    and probably a good week at 100mg/day up until one day before bloodwork.
    So, I blame the Dbol but since I wasn't seeing crazy results like I should
    have at those doses, I thought it was very week. Maybe the length of time
    I was on that did it?

    So, I stopped the Dbol so I can see how next bloodwork is and doc...
    Mind you, I got my own records because I never got a call from him so
    I thought everything was fine, but I still wanted to see my Test level
    which was 533ng/dl. My doc gets the word I wanted to talk to him,
    so he calls me, tells me .. Yes, your cholesterol is way off and I will
    see you in 6 months for a follow up with bloodwork :rolleyes:. Am I the
    crazy one, thinking I should be getting in there alot sooner for a follow up?

    I was wondering if things like Cod oil or foods to help lower LDL and
    raise HDL will work while on Dbol, or will the Dbol just be too powerful
    for me to even try to control cholesterol?

    Thank you,