dbol and milk thistle

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by big roid, Oct 22, 2004.

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    big roid

    big roid Junior Member

    I have a friend who started takeing dbol today. Is 700mg a day of milk thistle good enough? Should he take it through out the day or all at once with the 25mg of dbol. I told him maybe with the dbol all at once. What you guys think?
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    Helterskelter Junior Member

    25mg dbol is nothing. I personally think, unless he has a weak liver of course......that milk thistle isn't really nessicary.
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    ramboj70 Junior Member

    I pop the thistle in like its fucking candy, a little extra wont hurt
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    lestatgear Junior Member

    25mg of dbol isn't much, but I would still take the milk thistle. It's cheap and I think regardless of the amount of oral aas being used, it's better to be safe than sorry. I would take it throughout the day. 700mg a day is probably fine for such a low dose of dbol.
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    Outtlaw Junior Member

    I dont even think you need 700mg. I normally run about 800mg with 50-60mg of dbol.
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    macattack Junior Member

    milk thistles good year round i take it daily but i got an f'd up liver anyhow so need all the help i can get, go easy on the booze guys if your a drinker and DONT drink on cycle.....
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    big roid

    big roid Junior Member

    Well my friend drinks heavy. I tell him not to on a cycle but it does no good.
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    Slick Arrado

    Slick Arrado Junior Member

    ALWAYS take Milk Thistle with orals.
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    atomicone Junior Member

    I personally prefer Liv52 instead.
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    MaxRep Member

    A man after my own heart. I think the products from Himalaya are first class.

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    atomicone Junior Member

    As always MaxRep it's nice to hear from you. I believe you're one of the most knowledegable members on this board.
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    wiredup Junior Member

    he's asking to die young then. :(
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    big gig

    big gig Junior Member

    what if you were a pretty heavy drinker for a couple years but now drink only couple times a month? never on cycle either of course . any possible problems from past usage of alcahol?
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    wiredup Junior Member

    depends on your level of previous abuse. get some blood work done to be sure and take some extra milk thistle to be safe.

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