dbol, deca, test e PCT advice pls.

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    beg123 Junior Member

    Hi after reading alot i mean alot i cant figure out what is the best pct for my gear, everyone speaks different stuff. So this is my cycle

    1-5 30mg dbol
    1-13 Test E 500mg
    1-11 Deca N 300mg

    13-15 nolvadex 40/20/20
    13-15 clomid 100/50/50

    i cant get hcg nor an AI i know thats shit but im currently in my 10week, gained good , yet my face look like baloon :) i can live with that i have also caber on hand, i think im starting to feel the deca sides and maybe i will take the caber. Please give advice about the PCT as i was reading lot of people says that nolva is not good combined with Deca.
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    anabolickid Junior Member

    Please elaborate the side effects you are experiencing?
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    Arnoldwannabe Junior Member

    I am also curious about your side affects because facial swelling can be pretty serious. Here's the a pct cycle I prefer:

    Length: 5 weeks

    Weeks 1-4- 40 mg nolva per day
    Weeks 1-4 100mg clomiphene per day
    Weeks 1-5 1mg Anastrozole per day
    Week 1- 4,500 iu hcg
    Week 2- 3,000 iu HCG
    Week 3- 1,500 iu HCG

    This is a basic PCT protocol to help those coming off cycle to restore natural testosterone function and to avoid estrogen rebound. Those coming off of shorter esters (Test Prop, tren Ace, all orals) will want to start this the week following their last injection or discontinuance of taking an oral. Those finishing a cycle of longer esters (Test Cyp, Test & Tren Enathate, Deca, Boldenone) will want to wait a week after finishing their cycle to allow the hormones to begin to clear their system before starting recovery. Starting on day one, take 2 GP Nolva, 2 GP Clomiphene, and 1 GP Anastrozole every day. Continue the nolvadex and clomid for 4 weeks, while continuing to take the Anastrozole for 5 weeks. Starting week 1, take one injection measuring 1,500 iu of HCG once per day, three days , skipping a day in between each dose. (Example: 1,500 iu Mon, 1.500 iu Wed, 1,500 iu Fri). During week 2, take one injection measuring 1,000 iu of HCG three times following the same dose schedule as before. During week 3, take one injection measuring 500 iu of HCG three times, again following the same schedule as the previous 2 weeks.

    Now I know you said you can't get anything else but maybe helpful for next time. Also it's a good idea to take omegas during PCT too to because test messes with cholesterol levels. And good luck.
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    Jagger34 Member

    Why not just take the hcg at 250-300 iu twice or thrice a week during your cycle to keep your nuts alive the entire time and avoid the need for high dose HCG during PCT entirely?

    HCG is suppressive of LH, so taking that with the SERM (whose purpose is to increase the LH) is a bit counterproductive. Not saying it doesn't work, its just not optimal.
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    solo47 Member

    It's nuts to run HCG while you're running your SERMs. The SERMs are to restore your natural testosterone production but HCG will block that production. HCG will artificially produce big nuts and testosterone, but the "H" and "P" in the HPT axis will be blocked from returning to full function.

    Furthermore, running Anastrozole (arimidex) will continue to block the production of estrogen. It's a good idea with HCG but not with SERMs. If you must block estrogen, I'd say run aromasin, which will not have a precipitous edge when you stop, causing a sudden backlash of estrogen. Best to not to use either at all and let your your HPTA get up and running on its own.

    The more accepted story (and a good story it is) is to run HCG during your cycle and/or right after your last inject, along with the arimidex or aromasin. THEN, after 10 days or two weeks on HCG, stop it and begin your 3-5 week SERM protocol.

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    mac111 Member

    i WOULD NOT follow this
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    mac111 Member

    nolva 20/20/20/20/20
    clomid 50/50/50/50/50

    these higher doses of N and C in the first week just are not needed at all and produce nothing more than sides.

    badly organised cycle pal, you should have had an AI from the start, hcg isnt strictly necessary but should have been used throughout the cycle for a possible better/faster recovery. what do you mean by 'starting to feel deca sides'?
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    beg123 Junior Member

    so its like this. Week 1-8 libido was up to the roof, i was hard all the time. but Week 9and now 10 libido is little bit lower and i cant get full hard. I noticed that after my every shot the next three days libido is skyhigh but Thursday is the killer lack of libido 60%. In this country that i live nobody even knows what is pct, they are all fools, i was asking for protection like hcg and Ai but the supplier said that i would not need that because i use little doses of Deca and plus Test Depo combined. Im thinking to add 1 Danabol ED the last week of my cycle, just to kick my libido a bit. And for PCT
    nolva 20/20/20/20/20
    clomid 50/50/50/50/50
    for five weeks or ? Are this doses enough? Every forum that i was reading says that i should start 2 weeks not day after my last shot.

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