Dbol only 2weeks on 2 weeks off

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Gbaby12, Jun 22, 2019.

  1. Gbaby12

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    Uh oh, a dbol only post...

    Short and sweet I don't have any test and need to get on something right now. Have a nice amount of dbol in the cache and am debating on running 2 weeks on 2weeks off until I manage to get my hands on some test.
  2. AlwaysHungry

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    Why you NEED to get on something ?
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  3. rubisean

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    Save the dbol and run for 4 weeks with 12 weeks of test.
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  4. MindlessWork

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    Wouldn't it make a great kickstarter?
  5. Hacksaw Jim

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    I would hold off until you get your test. You would be stopping your gains after two weeks with that type of protocol,, which would just overall be detrimental. Once you get your test,, start off with 4 weeks of dbol and take your test at the same time
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  6. taco33150

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    You gonna mess up your test levels if you did that oral only bullshit.. ask me how I know
  7. I would hope your have Test Prop in mind, cause if your on/off the D, and pinning a long ester Test, which take several weeks ie 4–6 weeks till full saturation depending on the individual; you’d be wasting a time and Dbol unnecessarily.tou want relatively quick results, Test Prop and NPP will probably suffice the most effectively. 100mg/daily!
  8. Test_Subject

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    Why exactly do you need to get on something? You can get test in like two days from a good domestic source.
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  9. chileandawg

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    Jesus man.

    I was thinking in a new-cycle. But I tell to my self. Man a REAL pct is a shit phase.

    I hate pct.

    So have a lot of sense,short cycles. But problem is the real results.

    According my vision,results on roids are regard fat-loss. Build mass is a relative phenomena. Mainly aesthtetic.

    But dont misunderstand me I dont wnat "fat-loss",I want the good feelings on roids.

    BTW certainly i dont have never the pct experience with a low body fat. I guess the libido issues with low body fat are more easy if you are a good boy with a a real pct like the scally pct.

    To my man,roids are cruising at 200mg of test-e with some adex or some shit to control the violence and stay away from troubles.
  10. ironwill1951

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    bad idea
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  11. chileandawg

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    why ?
  12. little

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    If your belly up about not having anything Why 2 week ?? Just run like 25 ed or 10 or 12.5 or whatever mg you have until you get some test
  13. little

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    On second thought,, the harm reduction meso thing to do is not take anything until your nice and prepared
  14. chileandawg

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    Its that amount a no lethargy dose?
  15. little

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    That’s individual, for me under 50mg is no lethargy. Also depends what else is ran
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  16. Munky

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    LG 4003 a safe sarm can help with the test , but not in the same league as anabolic steroids, testosterone is king