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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by surfer_boy069, Aug 15, 2007.

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    surfer_boy069 Banned

    i ahve recently started the dbol pills cycle..

    1/day - week 1
    2/day - week 2
    3/day - week3
    4/day -weel 4

    currently im on my 4th week butt im still not seeing much results.

    i do see dat my arms r def gettin bigger and stronger but my chest isnt doing so great

    can anyone recommand sum excersises i can do to GREATLY improve my chest.
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    Porthoz Junior Member

    eat more [:eek:)]

    how long have you been seriously lifting before trying d-bol?

    oh yah and how many mgs are the pills you are taking?
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    Bosnian_Brawler Junior Member

    It seems like you don't have enough experience to start running dbol or any other steroids....Your should put another 20-40 lbs on your frame naturally before you start thinking about any gear....
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    MaxRep Member


    What are you like 15 years old?

    Stay off the anabolics, double whatever amount of food you're eating and train with basic exercises, mostly barbells and dumbells, 5 days per week for about an hour each day.

    Go spend your time in the nutrition and training forums.

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    prodigy06 Junior Member

    Try this cycle:

    week 1 - 25,000 calories
    week 2 - 26,000 calories
    week 3 - 27,000 calories
    week 4 - 28,000 calories
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    jmills Member

    where's FOREMANRULES when you need him? :rolleyes:

    Man, I keep seeing things like this...kids thinking that anabolics will COMPLETELY REPLACE training, diet and TIME. Damn, I remember the first gym i went into the guy told me to plan on spending about 5 years of hard training and learning to get any mass at all. Turns out that was pretty damn conservative...but I fell in love with the PROCESS and have enjoyed many benefits since the very beginning...which to me is the point.

    Now it seems like folks think if they just take enough drugs they can make gains in 5 weeks, or at MOST 5 months....and they only want to spend 5 MINUTES educating themselves.

    That being said, this guy looks like he's waaaaaay to young for any kind of anabolics, but I could be wrong. Surferboy, why do you want to get bigger? Really think about this...and let us know. This is a great group of guy's and they really will help.
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    agpando Junior Member

    Are you sure you bought REAL dbol and not just some fake stuff? You should have seen results your first week if you were taking it properly and your strength should have increased also. To me it looks like your either taking a way to small amount like 10mgs a day or you just got ripped off. You obviously look way to young, stick to eating more and just lift heavy. Give it time you'll get there.
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    Anhdalai Junior Member

    You honestly look WAY too young to be on gear. Are you supplementing to help your liver? Taking straight oral dbol is going to do a job on your liver. Milk thistle? Hawthorne berries? Are you taking supporting gear (Test E**) ? Do you have a pct lined up?

    Get off the anabolics, eat like a pig (a healthy pig :D ), and lift lift lift.

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    LifeSize Junior Member

    Heh.. that is a good one.

    That was better.. Hah.
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    surfer_boy069 Banned

    people im 21 and i know exactly wut im doing...first of all i EAT like a frikkkkeenn pigggg but it doesnt seem to put ANY weight on me , which i dont understand. ANDD i have lots of experience lifting..beeing lifting for a whilee but its jus cuz im soo tall and lankyyy ...it doesntt seem to b working...CONFUSEDDDDDDDD
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    LifeSize Junior Member

    heh.. so you should know exactly what you're doing is WRONG. which is why you came here for help... right? suck it up bitch. you're skin and bones. lucky you float with that linear physique.

    HOW many calories total?

    Grams of Protein?

    Grams of Fat?

    Grams of Carbs?

    How much do you weigh? How much did you weigh the week before, the week before that?

    You know where I'm getting to right?

    I think Prodigy summed it up really well..

    Btw, what does your routine look like there mr. Sergio Oliva?
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    Mr Wiggly

    Mr Wiggly Junior Member

    Well, you don't know excactly what your doing.

    One pill, two pills,? What kind of cycle is that?

    What you need, other than alot of food and excercise is test ( if anything )
    Research, research, research.
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    agpando Junior Member

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    surfer_boy069 Banned

    i eatt sooooooo muchhh and work out atleast twice a dayyy!! i noe im kinda small butt im not trying to b a hugeee bodybuilder here.
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    smaretick Junior Member

    What everyone said so far is true...but I'll try to help you.
    First, to determine if the dbol you have is real go to this site:

    Hopefully, you'll be able to find it there. Do you even know the dosage of the "pills" you're taking?
    Do a little research and try to determine a good beginning dbol dosage (e.g., 25mg ED). You also need to be taking ancillaries since dbol is 17AA (i.e., very toxic on your liver). At the very least you need to be taking milk thistle for your liver and you need to stay well hydrated (drink lots of water) and have some cranberry extract on hand in case you have kidney issues (i.e., lower back pain).

    Now for workouts and supplements. It seems, based on the anecdotal information you presented here, you have a fast metabolism. Therefore, if you are training twice a day, you are over training; work out 3x per week (if you want to train your entire body in each workout); or 5 days/week...but don't train a bodypart more than 3x per week...and don't do any cardio. Remember, you grow when you're sleeping/resting not when you're training!
    It sounds like you need to be taking a weight gainer; do a little research and try to find one that has at least 1000 calories/serving...but I know GNC has some PP weight gainers with over 2000 calories per serving. Also, make sure you are taking a multi vitamin daily.

    That should get you started. Remember, everyone is different physiologically and therefore will react diffently to both supplements and AAS (anabolic/androgenic steroids). Also, know that without proper nutrition and training, steroids will have little or no effect on your body...in spite of what the idiots in the media lead the public to believe.

    Hope that helps.
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    Porthoz Junior Member


    wow --- you really need to give your head a fucking shake and realize that you know jack shit. you need to stop thinking steriods are a magic pill and pay attention to what ppl here are telling you. First off -- everything you have posted so far points to the fact that you aren't serious about gaining size. You may think you are, but when you post things like, "I take 1 pill, 2 pills etc.... or I eat sooooooooo much, and I work out atleast twice a day, shows us you aren't serious.

    if you are serious about gaining size then first you need to get serious about your diet and training. Words like alot and aproroximately, and atleast shouldn't be part of your vocabulary. And when you are talking about ASS dosages they defiantetely shouldn't be used. This is a quanative science, and you need exact with your amounts...in terms or calories, protien, carbs fats etc... reps and sets in the gym, and dosages or ASS...
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    EPOWER Member

    What are your stats? you dont look like you have been lifting for more then 3 days. 1 pill? wtf kid thats not going to do a thing for you, what brand dbol do you have and how many mg is it? If your taking only dbol you are going to need AT LEAST 50mg everyday. not 5 or 10mg. And you should just stop now hit the gym 1 time a day devote yourself eat heavy train hard and get supps like cell tech and a good protein. That will put some weight on you, you should not be using anything without hitting your own nautral max.
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    prodigy06 Junior Member

    Acutally, you know what... take the dbol. See what happens. Eat like you're eating and train like you're training and see how much weight you gain. I think it'll be a good learning experience. You'll look in the mirror in aobut 5 weeks and say "wow, I need to learn how to train and eat...".
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    dennis Member

    Surfer boy......do not get all pissy from what the fellas have told you.we are here to help.Dbol is not the answer you are looking for at this time.Just stop taking it for now.You are over training and most likely under eating..you will lose weight like this.You need to go to gym and hire a trainer to develop a routine for you.This will save you years of dissapointment.You only need to lift 1 hour and 15 minutes per day 4-5 days per week..that is the easy part...eating gets pretty difficult.
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    HDH Member

    Look bro you're confused because you don't know what the hell you're doing. You don't know anything about training, aas or how to eat. This is a life long commitment. It is something you do for the rest of your life.

    I seriously doubt you're 21 years old. If you are you've got a lot of growing up to do. We aren't your little teenage friends. We are grown men. Soooooooo stoppppp postingggggggg likeeeeeeee aaaaaaa littleeeeeee babyyyyyyyy. Get it?

    Get off the aas until you learn how to train and eat. Your picture looks like your starving yourself to death.


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