dbol stomach pain

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by stFuandLiftBTCH, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. stFuandLiftBTCH

    stFuandLiftBTCH Junior Member

    Anyone ever experice stomach pain from dbol?

    I had real sharp pains at work today the whole shift...It would die down a bit, then get super sharp again...almost had to leave work.

    Either way, i just took another 10mg ;)
  2. meetcake

    meetcake Member

    maybe you gotta shit really bad? happend to me the other day...
  3. MAYO

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    BTW cake, those Dbol I sold you were really pez that I had chooped into squares :eek:
  4. stFuandLiftBTCH

    stFuandLiftBTCH Junior Member

    nope, definitely not the shits:rolleyes:
  5. KBD

    KBD Member

    Yeah PUSSIES usually get stomach pain from dbol.

    Get your case of Vaginitis cured immediatley before taking MAN hormones.
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  6. stFuandLiftBTCH

    stFuandLiftBTCH Junior Member

    ok dude! Ill get that checked out!

    Thanks dude!
  7. KBD

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    Dude realize the fact that, NOBODY wants you here, everyone here hates you. So do your friends in school, and your parents.

    Whats the point in living?
  8. Meathead27

    Meathead27 Member

    How soon did you begin experiencing the stomach pain after you started administering the dbol?
  9. Reinheart

    Reinheart Member

    Many users report stomach pain after consuming Dianabol. Even at small dosages. Personally i don't have much of a problem and i usually take it on an empty stomach or a whey protein shake.

    Try to take your dosages after a meal and your stomach isn't going to hurt.
  10. jasthace

    jasthace Member

    I dont usually get it, but I made some 50mg caps lately and have been having 1 x 50mg dbol and 1 x 50mg Anadrol a couple of hours before workouts and if I dont eat a big meal with them I get a bit of an achey guts.
  11. Reinheart

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  12. KBD

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    haha that a boy!!!!