Dealing w/Underhanded Steroid Comments from CoWorkers

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  1. In other words, go to the principals office and tell on him.

    Fuck that, take him into the bathroom and introduce his forehead to the top of the urinal. :mad::D (Probably shouldn't do that actually.)
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    Lol that's how you get homeless lol
  3. Needing to “not let them get away” with a comment is beta mentality, it shows that you’re so insecure in yourself that you have to prove yourself to the other betas and esp the alphas. A true alpha wouldn’t get caught up in some petty shit unless it matters. The extent you would need to get involved is a little joke like “I must of really good genetics” or something or even better just offer to show them how to workout to look like you if you need to say something.
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  4. LOL. And accused of roid rage. :D
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    Alpha means they wouldnt say it in front of you in the first place. If youre overthinking this youre not an Alpha . ;)
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  6. This nonsense would never have bothered me enough to give it any thought were it me, just saying that outwitting them is the alpha way while sinking down to their level and calling them a bitch directly.
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    I know, I was just being the one upper! Haha!
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    Completely ignore it but I work in a professional setting with mostly people far older than me so I doubt they even connect the dots. If I were one of my last jobs where I was on a shop floor with technicians I’d probably get the type of comments you are.

    Even if I were getting comments, ignore it. Brush it off. Joke like you do when someone says “gee you look small need to get to the gym.”
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    If someone hates you for no reason, give that motherfucker a reason! :D
  11. Your over thinking this, probably because (1) you’re a descent human being and don’t want to kick this shit’s ass, and (2) you are in fact on the sauce and this asshole’s can get you into a world of trouble.

    What to do? Issue a a formal harassment complaint. Based on what you said, and I bet you feel the same way, it’s only a matter of time before either you confront him (doesn’t even have to be in any aggressive manner, because he will lie and exaggerate on you) or he goes and spreads the rumor, which by what it sounds is already in momentum.

    Don’t waste another moment of time or your sleep over this. Write a simple, to the point compliant that he is (1) continuously harassing you about your physical appearance and (2) that he is intentionally defaming your character at the work place by making such sly jokes and comments at the work place and in front of others.

    I really hope this just blows over, but if your gut is telling you this could become something ugly, then be the first to get act (but in a civilized manner). Be smart, and fuck this bastard with his own poison!
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    So snitch? God damn I wondered who was telling all these petty fucks to run to hr.... all this time it was you.
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  13. How fucking whiny do you have to be to make a thread like this ? Do you even wipe your own ass ?
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  14. Hahaha!! :D
    Na man. Reverse Snitch if anything. :p
  15. Aw man, easy off the poor kid, he’s scared to lose his job. Can you image how paranoid
    ronnie coleman must been working around all them cops:confused:...:p
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    I'm with @jaymaximus on this one. I use steroids because I want to look as big as a guy that uses steroids, so I really don't fault people for calling me out if it's not too much. My fat ass brother-in-law says something to me just about every time he sees me and I usually tell him that he needs to get on them to lose his gut. He says, still juicing? And I just say yeah I love orange juice.
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    I'm not one to let things slide either. I could list my resume of fights I've been in and shit of the like, but to put it simply.

    I completely agree with being "alpha", but there is nothing alpha at all about being called out on using aas and trying to tell someone it is all from hard work and dedication. That is definitely some beta shit IMO.

    You don't necessarily need to admit to it, but don't claim natty if you aren't.
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    Sorry for late replies on this thread. Had my kid this weekend.

    Just might use this one. Thanks man.
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    I'm 48. First cycle. And no, I don't "blow up" on anyone. Not once in the 10 weeks I've been on. Not how I deal with BS from other people.
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    Exactly. What most people say is just a projection of their own insecurity. Its about them, not you.