Dealing with TRT Psychologically, how do you do it?

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    Hey guys, I have kind of a weird question for you all. How does everyone here who is on TRT cope with the idea of having to do injections for life? A little back story here-I am 27 and have not felt right since I graduated college. The last year of college I was prescribed ridiculous dosages of adderall/vyvanse and basically tweaked for a year and a half. Near the end of this stint I would use kratom to relieve anxiety (an opioid, which obviously lower testosterone). It was a ridiculously stupid period of my life I would like to forget about. Over the course of three years I never had a Total T reading above 540. The other readings were 252 and then one somewhere in the 300s. Then one around 450. Highest Free T I got was bang on middle range, the other two were low.

    I went to the doctors, had a pituitary MRI, ultrasound of my testicles, vitamin D test, the works. Since then I have done TRT three separate times. First time I didn't realize I had a hypersensitivity reaction to hcg so my blood pressure skyrocketed after a while and I had several bouts of AFIB and tremendous anxiety. Second time I had the same issue, still didn't realize the cause but then took out the hcg and felt a bit better. Third time decided to start with just test and did MUCH better. Found out I can only take choriomon and ovidrel-anything else hcg-wise gives me terrible reactions. Was feeling great after 8 months even though things weren't totally balanced out.

    Here is my main issue however, every time I get on and start feeling better, I start thinking about all these what-ifs and worrying about things like what if I had to come off because my prostate blows up? What if I make myself permanently infertile? (I froze sperm so I shouldn't worry so much about this but still) What if the government cuts access like they did with opioids? Not to mention I am 27 and the idea of pinning forever seems a bit daunting. So I inevitably come off hoping to restore my test to some high level. After coming off this past time I got a blood test with an LH of 7 and a TT of 715 with a Free T at the very top of the range. However, I am pretty sure clomid was still in my system at the time so it is hard to glean much information from that. But it gave me some hope that I probably didn't need as I know it will probably lower after a few weeks and I feel pretty shitty anywhere below 550.

    Anyways, how do you guys stick to it? Is this something I should see a therapist about? It seems when I am low t and feeling like shit the choice is obvious- I'm full of dread and anxiety and my dick is useless and I don't care about girls, get on TRT! Then I get on and start feeling great and confident and taking important risks with my career and my dick is rock hard and then I sabotage myself by thinking of dumb shit like being dependent and worrying that my balls will completely disappear or look retarded at some point. I feel like I need to stay on, I believe I had high test until my early twenties and I don't seem to function well at all without it. Life just seems gray. Any tips on dealing with thoughts like these?
  2. Not sure I can help you cope with having to do injections for life since I terminated my trt. But I can tell you that if you were fertile before then it’s highly you’ll go permanently infertile from trt. The longer you’re on and more so the older you get the longer it would take to recover.

    I don’t have any experience with kratom, but I’ve used real opioids and they definitely were a big cause of the low T I used to have, plus I used to be heavier but even losing weight my T didn’t improve while I still used opioids. I’m also prescribed adderall and vyvanse and I’m sure it has an affect on T but still had normal levels.

    Anyway T isn’t the only factor in libido or feeling good etc. I’ve had hyper-sexuality and priapism multiple times with T in the lower range and I’ve had low libido with high T levels. I only mention this to try and ease your mind on the what-if scenario of being forced to come off trt. Of course hyper-sexuality and priapism aren’t good things but my point is you can still have strong libido with lower T.
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    Taking five minutes once or twice a week to pin some test isn't that much to cope with to me. There's worse things in life if you think about it, like spending 40+ hours a week at work for 30 years or more. Just take it one day at a time.
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    I was gonna say use isopropyl 70% to prep for the shot, switch into a new needle for the injection and swap with iso again when done. Dispose of needles correctly. Repeat about a week later.

    We could all have type 1 diabetes. That makes trt seem laughable
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    One of the drivers at my work has diabetes. He has to check blood sugar every four hours at work and log it.
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    Don't what-if anything in life, have you taken a look around lately? Does anything look certain to you? With a shit level of test you ain't going to get much done in life regardless, so what does it matter either way?
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    That is a great point, and one I have kept going back to- I spent 22-25 doing absolutely nothing with my life then I jumped on trt and suddenly had ambitions and got started on transitioning into a new career-it may be with it for that alone, levels aside.
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    Exactly. Does the average person with sub par test levels have ambitions and goals? Nah, they're the Homer Simpson types that go sit behind a desk pushing a button everyday, do the same exact thing day in and day out with no hope left whatsoever
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    Think about that : makin a simple 2 minutes injection EVERY DAY or every week should be the best thing you can do for your happiness....

    Think about a life without that magic injection... with all of the troubles/issues/annoying things that comes with it

    Be grateful that you can do TRT... be grateful that you can have access to such technology...

    Just restructure the concept of that injection... from an annoying thing to a magic gift
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    Pinning trt 2 time a week is far better than how I felt before. I eat better drink less and exercise more. My only fee is some politician or big pharma passing law and taking it away. And it turns me in to a shell of a man.
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    Dont you know there are UGL out there? UnderGround Labs
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    TRT was the best thing that ever happened to me! Feeling human is worth the 15 mins a week it takes to pin. If you hate pinning maybe see if you can get a longer ester? Personally I will start brewing and save the pharma up for a rainy day. When you brew your own you have more control.

    I have come to enjoy my injections. When I stab that pointy little guy in, I am grateful as hell for everything that sweet man oil does for me. I don't have to control my aggressive tendencies. I don't get pissy for no real reason. I have more patience for my kid and wife. I feel like I used to in my late twenties......calm, driven, peaceful and focused. The depression that came after my accident is gone and I feel useful and strong again.

    Trt is a gift for those of us that need it! Enjoy your life!