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  1. Texas.Redneck

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    i’ve heard from others Meso was a good resource back like 5-7 years ago. Unfortunately the culture here is so bad its like every time you try to research someone or ask a question here’s a typical thread on Meso:

    Just read the first page. This is a typical Meso Rx post. Ever planning to cleanup or change the culture around here or just gonna let it go on i definitely until there’s nothing but garbage on Meso Rx?
  2. Eman

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    We don't have moderators here.

    I'll explain why: because moderators have the ability to censor. The lines of what needs censored become blurry... And eventually, it's pretty easy for censorship to get out of control.

    The result of having no censorship is why meso is both the best, and sometimes the worst, AAS forum. This board was created out of necessity because of boards that censor.

    Now, lately it seems we've had a lot of threads complaining about this. Honestly, they almost always lead back to the underground... That subforum is what it is, if you don't like it in there, then don't go in there.

    Aside from that, average everyday threads asking legitimate questions really don't get out of hand very often... You quoting a single post from 2016 really doesn't prove much aside from the fact that some flaming on goofy posts occurs. Womp womp.

    However, this board is what you make of it... If you think it's a bad board, then go to one where mods gladly decide what you can and can't see. On the other hand, you can stay and lead by example rather than depend on mods to clean everything up. The latter is my preference.
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    Oh well, in this case, that makes perfect sense now why the content on this board is a cesspool of shit with a few hidden gems buried in it. And why 95% of the guys posts make themselves sound like the typical roided up dude you’d see at the local gym with no gf and a small dick and probably spends most of his time beating off every night by himself. Now that I understand this Uncensored no moderator concept, I’ll just lower my expectations for Meso and use it as a necessary evil to keep connected with the underground. No more complaints from me now that its been explained. Talk to you later you dumb motherfucker douche bag with your head in your ass (just trying to fit in around here). Fuck off and out.

  4. Eman

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    I see you chose the "lead by example" option. Thank goodness you are one of those practice what you preach guys...

    Good talk.
  5. Texas.Redneck

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    Oh ha. I didnt read to the end of your post to see the part you bolded for me. Sorry bout that. Lol. Was half reading it and half watching a little league ball game.
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    Farewell !
  7. Brandaddy

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    I have been an active member on this forum for a couple years. Personally, I have never been in any arguments with other members, I have never been "flamed" and get along with everyone I talk to just fine. I think if people actually put a conscious effort into thinking about what they say before they do, we would hardly have any flaming on this board. But when someone says something really stupid on an uncensored forum, it's only expected some idiot will rip on them for it.
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    Well said bro.
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    Fuck man you just described me in ways I didn’t think were possible.
    Spot fuckin on. A+

    It’s like your a psychic,
    What color am I thinking of right now?
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    Someone is always crying
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    Not gonna lie u just made me lol
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    Also dude if you come here just for the underground your missing the whole point of meso.
    You realize there are like 20 other sub-forums right?

    So what board are you gunna go to when your dick stops working? Eroids? BOP?
    Come on! I wanna know what other board you think is so amazing!
  13. Eman

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    Yeah... I don't really know how the very last sentence somehow changed the core of what I was trying to express to you. Nor do I know why you reacted the way you did, my words were posted with sincerity. It only took one post for you to turn into exactly what you despise on the board... It's pretty ironic, and peculiar.

    There are days I get very frustrated on this board and there are things I would like to change about it. But even so, I'll take the good with the bad any day.
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  14. Eman

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    Your username is gay... And you don't look or lift like you use gear.

    There you go, you've been officially flamed. By one of the best, I might add.
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  15. You must eat man ass cause you have stank and foul mouth!
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  16. Brandaddy

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    Wow... That was just fucked up... Haha. Jk
  17. x11

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    my life tbh.
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  18. OldmanRob

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    I was a moderator on a board sometime back, then an administrator.

    The backroom bullshit about what should and should not be moderated was bordering in insanity.

    This board is open and honest even if it gets heated. It is far better this way.
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    so you come here, half read an excellent reply that took thought and work to write, and than bitch about the place, go figure
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  20. Texas.Redneck

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    I just wanted to fit
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