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    I was sitting on my porch contemplating the fear of death. One is apt to feel reluctant to the thought of seeing your own dead body rotting in the soil. Why do we reject this though rather than going along with it and accepting the transcendent universe? The unknown, the fear of something being beyond death makes me even more scared. Western culture teaches us to be scared. The most precious possession we have is life is it not? I am not saying that we should treat life in a disrespectful manner nor am I advocating killing/suicide. I am just asking if we are that important and in whose eyes are we important?

    At a young age we do not fear death as it is so far away we are not thinking about it. We can imagine and we know that we will die but it is too far away(?) to worry about. Our ego is there to protect us and will tell us that we must not die. If you try to save yourself from him, he will destroy you to protect himself.

    I approach the idea of death of regressing to the state I was in before I was born. I am not being taken away from a life but rather going back home to how I was before I was I. This makes me feel at ease. The thought of not leaving a footprint or not being remember is also something which causes stress. I am guessing it is only human nature to have these thoughts and fears. Depending on which unit you are looking at will impact how the world around you will be impacted on your death. Most likely the only unit will be affected will be family and friends. Like smoke on the water let go of your life and don't resist the dissolution. It is going to happen whether you stress about it or not. It is natural and behind every organism is death. The only reason you are considered alive is because you can die.
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    Maybe the solution to overcoming fear of death is learning how to live, I mean really live ?

  3. Michael Scally MD

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    Blood, Sweat, & Tears - And When I Die - Billboard Chart Hit - #2 - Oct. 1969
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    OK, this is way too deep for me... I'm tempted to throw down a funny reply, but out of respect I will say this. The worst thing you can do with your life is spend too much time analyzing it. Things aren't perfect? change them. I can't waste too many brain cycles analyzing my life, I'm going to spend time enjoying it. I pursue the things that I enjoy with gusto, and avoid things I don't.
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    Oh man! The places we will go!

    I am honestly still scared of death. I am scared of having to go to the hospital, to be intubated, to lose control of my body and mind, to be sedated and strapped down. Ewww creepy thoughts.

    I don't know if it is death really that I am scared of. It is more of the process of dying. The above. I don't care to leave anything behind, in the grand scheme of the universe. I am nothing. I am only important to my nuclear family in this time/space dimension. They say you die twice, once the physical death and the second is the last time your name is said.

    “I mean, they say you die twice. One time when you stop breathing and a second time, a bit later on, when somebody says your name for the last time.” - Banksy

    "We all want to live. And in large part we make our logic according to what we like. But not having attained our aim and continuing to live is cowardice. This is a thin dangerous line. To die without gaming one’s aim is a dog’s death and fanaticism. But there is no shame in this. This is the substance of the Way of the Samurai. If by setting one’s heart right every morning and evening, one is able to live as though his body were already dead, he pains freedom in the Way. His whole life will be without blame, and he will succeed in his calling." - Hagakure, The Way of the Samurai

    Any thoughts or discussion is welcome.
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    I've had about 9 surgeries. I just consider it a nap with a painful outcome sometimes. I rarely think about death and when I do, I dont worry much. Who fucking knows?
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    Or to accept death as a rebirth of life.
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    Do you think we are reborn? Or just the atoms that our makeup will be transferred to another being or matter.

    I have thought about that. What if our conscious minds will just swap to another person when we die. But I knocked it because it didn't really make sense to me. I am rather nihilistic in my views.

    Surgeries are rough!

    Had a hernia umbilical this summer, had to pull my wisdom teeth during the same period and my lower teeth got dry socket. The dry socket hurt more than the stomach.
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    To be honest man I HAVE NO IDEA! but what I do know is that we all become life one way or another through bugs and such lol. Its a whole recycle universe.
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    I was thinking about the universe and how crazy it is that we have life on this earth. It starts in the Sun, a bunch of Hydrogen and Helium atoms, 1 and 2 in the periodic table.
    From the intense pressure of the mass & gravity those 1s turn into 2s and release light. Those light particles travel 6-8 minutes at light speed hitting the earth. And from the energy from those little 1s(hydrogen) and 2s(helium) we somehow get life?

    Snakes have evolved to have paralyzing venom coming through their hollow fangs. Spiders can create silk which is one of the strongest materials on a weight to tensile strength basis.
    How exhilarating is that? Silk stronger than steel out of your butt as a result of 1s and 2s from the sun?

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    Everything in this world and universe is there for a reason just like bees, ants, fish if no bees we will all die. Its crazy! Just like the solor system. Its perfect timing! The moon and sun how it gives us light and darkness and seasons at the right time. If no moon we would not have life and if no sun we wont have life as well. And plants, we feed them carbin dioxide and they give us oxygen. Its a recycled world. I scratch your back you scratch mines.
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    I agree 100%. Now we need to figure out what human's purpose is! Or is our species an anomaly?

    Maybe terraform Mars? And then in millions and millions of years we will be a multigalactic species?

    Is this the genesis of our galactic overtake? If so, I called it here on Meso 10/23/2019 :)
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    I think thats the questions that the brightes minds have been trying to answer since we as men have involved.

    I belive its to complicated for this world just be an accident. There is much more than whats been told/teached to us. Maybe we do have creators and we just nothing but an experiment from someone labs out there. Juat look at dinosaurs. They went missing and because of that we vecane who we are or we would still be running from them lol someone put them here on earth so we can have oil! And then took then out/killed them so we can live and have oil without any threat of them. Think about it!
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    I second that lol. Hopefully we get a free trip to mars lol. Have you seen the new spaceship their building for a mars trip?
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    Yeah I love astronomy and space. Always was fascinated about what is out there. Elon Musk is a great guy.
    I don't know if people like me get to go to Mars. Fat politicians first, and their families, and their families friends and then their..
    So yeah... :(
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    Most definitely lol. Im sure that they wouldn't even tell us if anything was to happen to earth or maybe they will tell us via satellite after they are already in mars lol

    You should go to your nearest college that has astronomy. They usually have state of the art telescopes. I remember years ago when I lived in NYC i used to go to TCI college where they had a huge Meade telescope in a big dome and they allow the public to use it in the weekends and explore all the universe. You can see galaxies, nebulars, star clusters and planets up close. I loved it and miss it. Pretty interesting things out there.
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    I have done that! I will never forget the moment I saw Saturn, Jupiter and Venus. You know what I mean, that image gets burned into our minds. The ring on Saturn was visible like OMG SO COOL :D Definitely releases the inner child in me.

    I think that with the newest AI we have we will be able to make a lot of advances in Space. I don't know if you heard but they found more moons for Saturn, I think that has to do with AI and they have been able to calculate the retrograde trajectory and all that good stuff. A lot of cool things will happen in the next 10 years. Am excited.
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    Awesome! Yes I heard about the moons. Crazy stuff. Like you said, 10 years from now there will be many new discoveries.
  19. Sworder

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    My cats are actually all named after Jupiter's moons. Callisto, Io and Amalthea aka "Thea."
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    20190808_061609.jpg 20190808_061640.jpg
    Saw this at my work 5:45am about 2-3mos ago. It's a solid rocket booster coming down after a launch at Cape Canaveral. I know it looks like a sperm in space or a loogie.