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    learned something new today after figuratively ripping a customer service rep's head off inside an Ez-go office. They place a hold on gas purchases at the pump if you Swipe a debit/credit card. Some places charge $50-75 others $100-150!!

    Read this article

    I'm fucking pissed! GIVE ME MY MONEY!!!!

    Help! The Gas Station Froze $100 For $12 Of Gas And My Rent Check Bounced!
  2. tweek

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    That is fucked up, don't get how they can get away with this
  3. Gramps

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    It's how they can verify you have the means to pay before driving off with their gas. Not cool but it has to be done. The system can't tell how much money you're good for so they choose a random amount such as $50 and if that clears they let you pump up to that amount without further "testing".
  4. johntt44

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    If I enter my pin # it doesn't do that. Only takes deposit when you don't enter pin. At least around here where I live.
  5. flenser

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    Depends on the bank, not the merchant. The merchant is only following the bank's instructions. Don't know why anyone would us a debit card, anyway. They short circuit many of the protections provided by credit cards. It IS cheaper - for the merchant, but not usually for the customer.
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  6. Docd187123

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    By me, debit cards usually get cash price while credit cards are a higher price per gallon. The difference has been as much as $0.25/gal
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  7. flenser

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    I guess it's been a while since I looked. I had one several year ago that didn't get me the cash price. I got rid of it after a CC had been used to buy plane tickets to Egypt and the CC company removed the charges. They even apologized for not detecting it when it happened. I asked my bank manager about bank policy if that had happened to the debit card, and she tried to change the subject.
  8. Docd187123

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    My cousin's debit card number was stolen by one of those card readers at an ATM. The thief racked up over $4000 worth of debit card purchases. The bank basically told my cousin, "you're shit out of luck".
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    It's because debit cards do not have the same protections like true credit cards. So if some thief skims your debit card info, you are pretty much out of luck in that case as banks are not required to provide fraud protection for debit cards. That may change soon however.

    Best thing to do is go inside to have the clerk ring up the gas sale.
  10. Perrin Aybara

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    I've noticed that sometimes on my mobile banking app tied to my debit card. It doesn't always show up though. It'll show that extra money taken out and then put back.
  11. johnnydoe

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    My bank debit card is visa. Does that still mean that I wouldn't have the same protection while using it as a debit card as aposed to using it as credit card? I can use it either way and it takes the money out of my account only I usually have to sign something if I use as credit.
  12. flenser

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    I have a couple of CCs with cash back on anything I buy. It doesn't balance out at the gas station, but with all the crap I buy online these days, it more than balances out over all. I also get cash back on stuff I buy for work, which reimburses me the full price. I suppose I should pay for gas with a debit or cash, but I never do.
  13. atomictime

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    I always use my credit cards for everything because they give you more protection.
  14. Deisel26

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    Atomic time u went back in time on this one
  15. JohnLong

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    my info was stolen after filling up at a shady gas station. once i noticed the charges. i called in and my bank sent me an affidavit. card cancelled. money lost now back in checking. new card sent in mail. problem solved.
  16. Evom1

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    It's always amazed me people use debit cards instead of credit cards and pay them off weekly.

    Fraudulent charges on a debit card... If you're lucky you'll get your money back in 10 days. Credit card they'll fix it right away. Kind of a no brainer. Plus if you use a cash back card and pay it off constantly you make a lot of money off it.

    Also gas stations I go to only ever put a $1 pre auth
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    It’s so messed up and the gas pumps swipers are a favorite for thieves to steal your cc info
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  19. bull48

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    I am the same way
  20. MindlessWork

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    Yes I nearly got taken in for $348 in fraudulent purchases last year within minutes after I used a credit card to buy $32 worth of gas. Lucky I did not have to pay that as the card issuer alerted me to it. If this had been my debit card I'd be pissed as I would have to wait up to 60 days to recover money.

    I don't use the credit or debit card at the pump I go inside instead.