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    Yesterday, I brewed Deca 400mg/ml and wondering if there are any signs that it has crashed or not working without actually using it. I am worried I may have heated it too much. Had the beaker in a small pot with water up until it covered the contents of the beaker on low heat and slowly mixing for like 30min until everything was dissolved, it started bubbling a bit a few times and I took it of before putting it back on the burner and stirring.

    These are photos of the end product. The first 2 pics were taken in different lighting, third was a very slight shake to see what it looks like. Don't know if shaking it can damage it so I barely did it. Input would be appreciated.

    10 grams powder (ND per 1 gram displaces .962 MLs)
    12.88 ml MCT Oil
    2.50ml BB 10%

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  2. JackSmooth

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    All crashed means is that the hormone comes out of solution. If it's crashed you'll see the hormone crystallized and floating in the oil. As long as it stays clear in solution you're good.

    I hope you used BA also. You didn't post that you did.
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  3. Cratos

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    That's good to hear! Thought the heat could have damaged it.BA was set at 1% and I thought I had it I didn't and I already had everything set up so I went without in as sterile manner as possible.
  4. It looks fine.

    You would need a lot of heat to damage most things, 300+. BA is more tolerant to heat but I always add it last 5-10min of heat on.

    I can take a pic next week of some testosterone undecanoate I got a little bold with that’s very crashed.
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    Isn't that playing with fire?
    If you used a filter that would sterilize it but without alcohol nothing would keep it sterile.
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    Don't know where to start really. STOP FUCKEN BREWING. Its cheaper yes but not when your putting major health risks in place when doing it like this its defo not worth it. Everything about that is just showing how much you aren't ready to brew and how lazy you are.

    Stop wanting spoon fed answers do research and loads of it and from this post its very obvious you haven't done any. There is loads of amazing info here for you free of charge you just need to put the effort and time in to fucken read it. and the stickys are a fucken amazing read and you clearly havnt bothered to read those either.

    1. if you cant tell what crashed gear looks like DONT BREW
    2."i am worried I may have heated it too much. it started bubbling a bit a few times" I hope your a troll and this isn't serious? and so after bringing it to boiling point you then add to reheat after its cooled down a bit? that's smart.
    3"Beaker in a small pot with water" You haven't done any research on this at all before you done this.
    4.if you have shaked it before your picture that's it the gear is bunk now its just pure oil now the steroid is all gone.
    5. why the fuck did you take it outside just sitting there chilling for you to take a picture? giving it more things to come in contact with to contaminate the rubber stopper cause dame I know you don't clean that shit before you put your needle in.
    6.No BA everything about you is sloppy as fuck and your going to really hurt yourself or god help me someone else you give that gear to. and ye its totally fine with no BA (Benzyl-Alcohol is just a form of alcohol. Its use in Steroids is to preserve the suspension for months, even years, without any reduction in sterility. Alcohol is an anti-bacterial disinfectant and is used as such in many industries. As aforementioned Benzyl-Alcohol ensures the Steroid maintains its sterility when used in the right concentration, however, if too much is used the Steroid will be painful to inject and will cause post injection soreness.)
    6.Stop Brewing and bin that.

    PS if that's actually the right recipe and measured out to that I highly doubt that's ever going to hold. (since you brewed it though it probs will you have heated at such a high temp for so long you have most likely degraded the solution and ratio down its that damaged it will be weak as hell.)
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  7. Cratos

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    Thanks for the input mad scientist! I'd love see that pic.

    I've countless brewing threads and some do leave it out. I hadn't planned on it but know it was not 100% necessary to wait and order it. I will have it in the future though.

    Would you lighten up?

    Responses to you:
    1) I followed the instructions to the dot and don't know what crashed looks like so i brewed and asked...
    2) It was on the lowest heat the whole time and I was slowly stirring it... everything had not dissolved yet. I did not boil it and then turn down if that is what you think.
    3) Yes, I have researched it and this was the simplest method that was stickied on another board. It was a huge thread and several others replicated this.
    4) So if it is shaken it's bunk then? want to double check.
    5) I took a picture of it outside and indoors. Just like cleaning the injection site, one cleans the rubber before sticking it in. Also, it sat on the ledge for a picture.. not overnight lol
    6) If it's messed up because I shacked it i'll bin it then. Everyone has to start somewhere... brewing just like everything else takes practice.

    Question for you: I measured it out to the mg pretty much. How long do you normally leave it on low heat? It took a while until everything was dissolved.
  8. master.on

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    I've actually tried no-BA
    but by injecting right after brewing.

    It seemed to work
    ... if you don't mind the extra expense in frequently replacing syringe filters, and the little oil lost in filling them out.
    I would never ever skip BA if I didn't inject right away.

    BTW did Deca hold @ 400 mg/ml with just 10% BB?
  9. Cratos

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    While looking for a recipe I found this one and people said it worked but I'm not sure which is part of the reason I made this thread. I was worried it might have not held/crashed or been heated too much. The pics show the end product and I did my second injection of 800mg today so it will be a couple weeks before I know if it worked. How would you know if it held, would the pics provided help in knowing if it did?
  10. master.on

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    Just leave it standing in a cool place, near the A/C outlet
    if it doesn't you'll see tiny crystals on the bottom.
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  11. Cratos

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    I'll check and let you know. Pretty sure it held. One other question. How does heat damage it? Another person early on the thread said it would have to be like 300 degree which I'm pretty sure it didn't reach since it was on the lowest end on the stove but it was on there for like 20-30min min while I slowly was stirring it. Bubbled a bit a few times and i took it off mixed and then put it back on.
  12. DozerSoldier

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    Probably late, but you could have added BA after the fact. Would have best been done before drawing any oil. I am guessing you ended up with roughly 25ml given the recipe.
    My Keurig puts out water at 165F (measured with thermometer)
    Put the vial in a cup of hot water around 165-180F, covering up to where the oil in the vial is (don't cover whole vial) for about 3-4 minutes.
    Remove from hot water and vent vial, I vent with 27G but whatever you have.
    Then add 0.25ml of BA (1%)
    This will bring down concentration a very small amount. Around 390mg/ml approximately.
    Remove vent pin and toss in sharps container.

    Put back in hot water for another 3-5 minutes.
    Remove from hot water and shake vigorously for 3-5 minutes.
    Use a new vent pin to relive pressure buildup. (optional).

    Anyway, research thermometer and types and effective stem coverage needed for certain types.
    I heat my Test E and Deca to 185F, stirring MCT oil, BB the whole time until it reaches that temperature. Once it reaches 185, I remove from heat and keep stirring until cooled to 165F. I then add BA.
    I continue stirring until cooled to working filter temperature. 105F works for most.
    Some are much higher.

    So far that has worked perfect for me.
    You need to be able to monitor temperature, or get a good hotplate with temperature readout.
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