Deca and joint pain

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by BRICK, Mar 22, 2006.

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    How long on the average does it take for Deca to resolve joint pain? I will be running 400 mgs/wk for 10 wks of course along with Test 600 mgs. I have been having alot of shoulder pain.
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    Within 3 weeks the joint symptoms will ease off. They'll come back after cycle, but the Deca'll will let you lift like a well-oiled machine in the meantime. Some say higher doses of Boldabol (EQ) actually build the collagen for a longer term "cure". In the long run, for those guys with money who never wash their own cars, there's HGH.


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    Deca acts as an Anti-Inflam agent which is why it is better with joint pain .. EQ is better with Collagen Synth though so yeah probably better in the long run ..
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    if the problem is joint pain the deca will help - but alot of times in the shoulder it is muscle related - or tendon
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    I have to chime in here...and...

    I've read what you're saying before (here)- but there's really no studies existing to support this claim.

    I can only think that it's not true, and thepost where it originated (we all know what one I'm talking about) is mostly bullshit. :confused:

    I know alot of people believe the original post that this was stated in, butI did an extensive search on Medline and all available journals and found almost nothing to support it. At all. And yeah, I belived it too, until I researched it further.;)
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    I've never really believed that Deca was an anti-inflamatory. Deca does increase synovial fluid on the joints which is what helps with Joint and tendon pain. Perhaps some people confuse the "pain" relief they feel after administrating with a reduction in inflamation but in reality it has nothing to with swelling, just a cushioning of the joint with fluid.

    For some reason a great many people confuse Corticosteroids (which are anti-inflamatory) with anabolic steroids. And I think this may also lead to a few misconceptions about certain drugs.

    Ohhh... and you should start to notice a difference somewhere around week 3. ;)
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    if your having bad pain bro go easy on that area for working out you could hurt yourself and be worse off than now....and deca has been known to help by lubricating the joints just like drol does but i feel drol does it even better...also if you considering winny for the cycle i would stay away from winny and wouldnt take it if you ever have joint pain because it will make it worse

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    About Deca or EQ?

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    Then wouldn't ANY drug that caused water retention,help with joint pain?
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    deca is not an can help with collagen synthesis...and helps increase to increase with synovial fluids which lubes the joints...I have done a lot of studies on deca and joint relief...

    now mere water retention is not the same...sure you can gain water by increased aromtization...I get water retention by taking too much sodium....
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    I am not being an ass here..what do you Hooker think of synovial fluids increased with deca and deca's joint relief properties...
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    I think they are contributory towards soothing joints but perhaps far less so than the progesterone mediated immune response deca can do so, nor possibly even Nandrolone's interaction with the glucocorticoid receptor.
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    in lay mans terms bro....immune response I understand that...studies show that deca can increase immune functions in aids patients and muscle waisting patients....

    Nandrolone's interaction with the glucocorticoid receptor...that I dont under relation to joint lubing or immune function...again not being an ass..really am asking a question..
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    Could you expand on what you mean here?
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    yes, i would be interested in seeing the research on this. there are tons of anecdotal references to the mediation of joint pain by nandrolone(including my own) but very little in the way of research.

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    Could have been a placebo effect... but i definately get noticeable pains in my forearms and wrists from high weight curls etc.... with deca, i feel the pain has dissapated, noticeably.... 500mgwk x 750 iran ent wk
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    I am also interested how deca can any effect on either the progesterone mediated immune response or the glucocorticoid receptor

    never in my studies on Progesterone do they mention that it will sooth joint pain in anyw ay shape or form - and I also have no clue what that second thing is

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    Exactomundo.... Winny will increase your risk of injury.. deca is awesome because of it's anti inflammatory properties especially if you inject it in or close to your injury. For example if you have a shoulder problems, you may want to use it as a site. I have had guys who play VB like I do, inject right into the shoulder and feels great after a few days. Good advice guys..

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    Originally Posted by bigedge
    why should you not do deca in a first cycle?

    He actually PMed me this. And this was my reply.

    Originally Posted by Zorro
    Hey you posted that you are a believer to not use deca in a first cycle, I was just curious why

    Finally, deca binds to the glucorticoid receptor which interferes with the action of real corticoids. This means it acts as a mild anti-inflammatory which could be beneficial if you had an injury but weren't training. Now with your joints feeling nice and saucey, you're likely to push yourself beyond your limits due to the fact you're not feeling any pain, swelling, or discomfort usually associated with normal corticoid activity. So basically you are far more prone to injury.

    Now believe me, it will make you grow, but the risks by far outweigh the positive results. equipoise would be a far better choice as it achieves somewhat similar results without all the negative sides.