Deca and Ligament recovery.

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Clean, May 28, 2009.

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    Clean Junior Member

    Im new at this so maybe the question will be wierd but here is.

    I have heard that deca durabolin (?) can help repair and even create new damaged tendons and ligaments. True?

    I ask becuase I have a elbow injury and if deca could help rebuild and strengthen my elbow ligament I might throw it in a cycle.
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    dennis Member

    If you have an elbow injury and are considering a cycle this makes no sense to me.You should not start a cycle knowing that you have an injury.Look into hgh first and rehab.
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    Rick Junior Member

    Agree with Dennis. Deca puts more fluid in your joints so your elbow might feel; better but all the DECA is doing is masking the pain and letting you hurt in more. HGH might help with tendon repair and rehab. Skip the gear for now.
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    Clean Junior Member

    Makes sense what you say. I will skip the gear for now (atleast for recovery purpose).


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