Deca and Testosterone Enanthate cycle

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by dave P, Dec 19, 2009.

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    dave P

    dave P Guest

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    I have a quick question, I want to do a cycle of Deca but I know Deca should not be taken alone.

    so I want to take it with testosterone Enanthate but I want the gains from the Deca but still maintain the normal Testosterone level of a 33 year old male therefore the Testosterone Enanthate would be taken at lower dosage ( i think the recommended dose is 600mg), what amount of dosage do you think I should take?

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    DerekW Banned Spammer

    If you are planning to take 600mg of deca, in order to prevent private malfunction you need the test doasges to equal or succeed that of the amount of deca. I took deca as part of my first cycle. It was 12 weeks long, i took 600mg for 5 weeks on top of D-bol and test-e, i went from 162 to 217 and im only 5'8" lol. The gains were incredible. What surprised me the most, was that i did not come down hard off the cycle either, i didn't lose strength at all, in fact i was stronger, had higher endurance then ever.
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    OntarioMuscle101 Junior Member

    Here is a perfect cycle:

    Wk 1 - 12 testosterone Enanthate 500mg/Week
    Wk 1 - 10 Nandrolone Decaonate 300mg/Week

    @ 300mg the Deca will help build strength and at the same time put some water in your joints. The Test level @ 500mg will definately help prevent the dreaded deca dick.
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    dennis Member

    If you want the "gains" from deca then do minimum 500 mgs deca for 11 weeks maybe twelve.
    The dosage of test is tricky if you want to keep your level close to natural..maybe 150- 200 mgs test per week.
    But to answer your question "what amount do you think I should take ?..500mgs of each with a kick start from dbol.
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    Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine


    If you believe this poster, I have a bunch of trinkets for sale! I hope the post is meant to be sarcasm. If so, it does not add to the thread. Is he actually a banned spammer? According to the poster, he gained 55 pounds! Also, he had no HPTA dysfunction. You do not have enough intelligence to insult.
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    Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

    HPTA suppression occurs 100% of the time after stopping AAS, the variables are the duration and severity.
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    dave P

    dave P Guest

    is it necessary to take cabergoline or Bromocriptine to ensure that I don't get gyno from progesterone?
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    MAYO Member

    or prami. good to have one of the above on hand
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    dave P

    dave P Guest

    I am only taking a low does of deca so most likey I will probably not need the bromo or caber,
    is this a correct statement?

    I am 35 can I make natural gains , I mean 20 to 50 lbs muscle not 5 to 10 lbs ( I mean serious gains for this skinny guy ) with my natural testosterone levels or am I to old to make those type of gains because my natural test level are not what they use to be? (age 18 to 26 peak)

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    KBD Member

    Im definitely not understanding what you are looking for...

    Simple answer, if your test dose isn't higher than your deca dose, chances are (with most people) your going to suffer libido issues.

    Plus deca doesn't build that much mass anyways especially at a low dose. Very slow steady gaining AAS. Which is why we stack with test to pack on REAL mass.
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    meetcake Member

    or instead of deca you could try NPP with TPP so you dont get all the water retention like you would with normal deca...
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    Reinheart Member

    Gain 20-50 pounds of muscle naturally at 36???? Jesus man, have you ever even worked out??? Even if you wanted only 20lbs of muscle, the way up to 50 pounds is really long.

    How much do you weight at what height and how long have you been training for???

    I don't see why Deca is a good choice for a first cycle. Go with 500mgs test per week and you're going to be really happy eventually.
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    solo47 Member

    I repeat again: This is bromythology. Once upon a time, guys took Deca alone and discovered they lost their sex drive. Thus the birth of the dreaded Deca-Dick horror story. Deca alone will of course suppress your HPTA and thus your natural testosterone and thus your libido.

    BUT Deca does NOT block exogenous (injected) testosterone; it only stops Nature's HPTA. How could it stop the effects of injected Test from doing their thing? It's not a Test neutralizer. You could run 600 mg of Deca plus 200 mg of Test EW and you'd still have the sex drive brought about by 200 mg of Test EW.:rolleyes:

    Plus most guys think Deca is a very effective mass builder that shows good effect within the month. It's best avoided for one's first cycle: We have protocols to join this club!

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    KBD Member

    Deca didnt do jack shit for me but lube my joints, so like i said everyone is different. If that theory is true, which im not doubting you at all, but if it is true then why does everyone say to run the Test Dose higher than the other compound?
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    solo47 Member

    Because a) bromythology, and b) Test is best!

    I almost always run Test higher than anything else just because it's the all-round best BB hormone there is, but too much and it turns against you. However, there are guys that really need to keep their testosterone at lower levels (for various reasons), so running 200 or 300 mg/EW while also running 400 mg of tren or 600 mg of EQ (or both) is not out of the question.

    (I also never run Deca just because I don't like the soft muscle bloat look. Give me lean & mean, if you please.)

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    dave P

    dave P Guest

    What I want to do is gain 15lbs I do not want to get to big.

    I fear the Test because I don’t want to loose my hair that’s why I wanted to take a low does of it ,
    (hair loss is mildly in my family, I have very little hair loss, I just don't want to accelerate it )

    I did some research and found out that 100 mgs per week should keep my test levels
    At a normal range,

    Does the Deca over power the test? Is that the problem?

    thanks for your help
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    deca truly sucks. its legend is so true. benefits are low. issues with it are high. but, ppl who like it love it and wont use anything like eq. guess i just have never had great results. even with the hellas.

    well peace bro and keep ut test higher and never use alone

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    KBD Member

    That is the most useless and pathetic comment i have ever seen in my life.

    Thats like saying, i wanna throw a brick at a window but i dont want the window to shatter....

    Hair loss is genetic, just because you take some form of AAS doesnt mean your gonna lose your hair, Trenbolone is EXTREMELY androgenic and ive taken a shit load of that and my hair line isnt receding.

    Thats like saying cigarettes cause cancer, yet they're people who smoke from the age of 16-90 and are healthy. But then theres people who smoke 1 and they have fucking lung cancer. You technically cannot go by what you hear because everyone's body is so different.

    Just because deca has mild androgenic effects, it does not mean that hair loss is impossible.

    Also of course everyone is different, im sure there could be a bro who takes test and his hair is fine, the same dude could take deca and his hair could fall the fuck out.

    If your dont have any hairloss in your family then what are you worried about?
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    dave P

    dave P Guest

    I did loss some hair I don't know if it was from stress ( I had a real stressful job a few years back) or if it is genetics (my Dad is bald) but my moms brother or father is not bald. I am 34 and I have 90 percent of my hair and I want to keep it that way that's why I was reaching for the Deca

    I am 34 do you think and I weight 140 @ 5'10 do you think I can work out naturally and gain 20 to 40 lbs of muscle without steroids?or do you think my natural testosterone levels are to low at my age to achieve 20 to 40 lbs of muscle?
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    dave P

    dave P Guest

    yes I have worked out, I just have problems gaining muscle, I am 5'10 and weight 140
    I have been training for years (I just can't gain muscle)

    Do you think withthe proper diet and trainign I can gain 20 to 40lb? naturally at my age or are my natural test levels to low ?

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